A bit behind on , decided to binge watch a new show called Upload yesterday.

It's like Black Mirror meets Silicon Valley.

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@dansup I'll give you a boost when you ship it... And not a second earlier

@Gargron “Fediwhat” sounds like an ideal name for the opt-in fediverse search engine.


@sasha_sorokin @dansup You have a point

The existing opt-in fediverse search engine is called by the way

We started watching at my wife's suggestion. We're all caught up and honestly I'm not all that impressed.

@dansup Looks like an amazing concept, but easy to drag out, milk, and fail to deliver. Comments indicates they didn't, and actually did a great job. Cool!

Apart from comments, the people behind it inspire confidence too.

Just like with this show, I never would have expected The Good Place to be worth watching for four seasons (or even past the twist). But while it had its momentary dips, overall it was great all the way up until and including the ending episode. So it's possible.
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