Drive is going to be huge for Pixelfed, a real Google Photos alternative 😁

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@dansup i can guess your answer, but i feel like what would boost the usercount like crazy would be a mobil app - due to ... you know ... instagram :)

@milan personally I'm a bit disappointed that Dansup preferes new features instead of fixing bugs in current ones and making them better. New features are great and always welcomed, but only when "core" is stable.

Don't get me wrong, Pixelfed is a great idea, but in terms of User experience it's... meh.

* No notifications about comments from remote instances at all. You have to manually check all posts.
* No way to quickly compare filter with original image.
* Lots of small issues with "post image" flow.
* No mobile app, but I lost hope about it already.
* Push notifications?

And more.

Anyway, good luck, @dansup, good that you're having fun with Pixelfed.

@groosha Have you seen the change log? I've been fixing a lot of bugs, Drive isn't even a new feature, its a combination of Continuity & Camera Roll which have been in development for some time.

@dansup of course I've seen a changelog. Well, I really love reading them to feel some kind of "progress".

Don't get me wrong, Pixelfed itself is a great idea, but it just looks strange from my (as a user) perspective.

Stories are great, but image uploading/editing is buggy (for example, rotation). Comments redesign is good, but there's a problem with getting comments notifications. Having second UI layout is great, but it's just buggy.
Now you introduce Drive and obviously will spend some time working on it, while already released "features" remain unfinished.

Anyway, it's your project and you spend your time on any features you want and of course I wish you good luck with Pixelfed and other projects.

I've just expressed my opinion which, honestly, I didn't want to say publicly for last 6+ months (this is not the first time I'm frustrated). Again, good luck with Pixelfed.

@dansup So it will be necessary to host these files uncompressed and to compress them only if they are published.

By the way it's a beautiful project !

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