Trying to learn how to play WoW 馃槂

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@dansup Enjoy :D

Wait鈥 is the touchpad larger than the keyboard?

@dansup WoW is pretty fun but I don't like paying a monthly fee. Most recently I switched to playing Aura Kingdoms 2 as it's free (some in game purchases with real money) and has an iPad app so I can play it in bed away from my pc 馃槀 But who knows maybe one day I'll create a new WoW character and try again ;)

@catgirl @dansup I didn't know Aura Kingdom 2... I'm gonna try it! I'm on Albion, is cross-playable too 馃槉

@hokori696 @dansup if you do let me know what ya think of the game, I鈥檓 really happy to of discovered it 馃榿馃榿馃榿

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