Tagging is an exciting new feature for Pixelfed but it does present some challenges.

It could be abused, so I have added some new privacy settings to allow :pixelfed: users to control who can tag them.

It will only federate with other Pixelfed instances until I can consult with other implementations on the federated aspects.

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@dansup Tagging people was the feature that actually drove me away from other social image sharing platforms. The potential for abuse is just to high for me. People tagged in images help AI to gather data and as these can be public this data will be analysed by AI some day for sure.

@dansup Regarding the GDPR you actually would need to actively get the and permanently store the permission of people tagged in the image before tagging them. Everything else is against GDPR, at least in my understanging.

@der_On I think you misunderstood. Tagging is the same thing as mentioning, it just doesn't appear in the status or caption. It's no different than me mentioning your username in this reply.

@dansup So it's not showing squares on peoples faces on images with theire name next to them?

@der_On No, we plan to allow users to place the tag on a specific region of the photo. We are not using AI or facial recognition for this.

@dansup I know that you will not use AI for this, but other AIs will crawl public photos with people tagged and use this information to analyse the images and combine the data with other datasets to complete a humans digital profile. Regarding this potential harm and the GDPR and other privacy rights you absolutely have to get a humans permission to tag you in a photo this way. As a photographer I'm not allowed to put anyones photo online without theire permission. Tagging is one step further.

But even when it is manual tagging, what is the use for it? When a picture contains objects, they can be tagged by a hashtag in the description. What is the extra value of a tag in a picture? And why do we need tags for persons in pictures? I agree with
@der_On that the absence of tagging people was a plus of pixelfed.

@dansup You’ve been working on so many new features! Any idea when you will release the next version?

I'd be interesting in hearing what you've got so I can ensure we can work with it. I assume (?) you're referring to photo tagging rather than post tagging. Hubzilla supports third-party ("community") tagging and this works well but is a nightmare to maintain (and doesn't work at all over some fediverse protocols) so likewise - I left that feature out of Zap until I rethink the federation aspects a bit. I'd be happy to share what we've learned along the way and most interested in how your tag Activity is or would be structured. Is it something along the lines of Create/Mention with the destination object as "target" or something else entirely?

@mike Yes its Photo Tagging, we plan to support the ability to select a boxed region for the tag. It does not federate yet, still working out the details.

I am interested to learn more about your implementation, it would be nice if it federated between Pixelfed and Hubzilla!

I think the most important question is how to federate them. Permissions aren't complicated in our case:

The owner of the photo/object/whatever can refuse or reject or delete the tag. If accepted or deleted, the tags attached to the object are updated and notifications are sent to all followers (or the appropriate audience  - whatever that may be).

The tag author also has rights. They can remove their tag from the object. But... if the object owner deletes the tag, the tag actor's copy remains.

In terms of federation it looks to me like we'll have the best luck with

type: Add
object: Mention
target: Photo

but I'm open to other possibilities. I'll probably generate Add/Hashtag/Note with exactly the same constraints for Hubzilla compatibility, but you don't need to support that. Will probably need to provide pixel boundaries with some form of Location object.
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