I made a Facebook page for Pixelfed, I know its less than ideal but I'd rather have an official FB page then unofficial ones.

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@dansup I admire social networks that do not need GAFAS to survive ... I see that this is not the case with pixelfed. "rather have an official FB page than unofficial ones" is an poor excuse.

@dansup completely understandable and reasonable. One can't lure people away from there without having a conversation. Which us difficult to have without a presence.

@dansup side note: I am having the hardest time finding this page on Facebook mobile.

@sean Oof, its not loading because I didn't set it up properly. Will take a look after I send off this grant proposal!

@dansup I finally got it. I think you have to have a certain number of followers for it to start populating in search results for more people.

@dansup On one hand, it's good to try to have some sort of reach outside of Mastodon and the Fediverse in general, but on the other hand, why do that on :facebook: ? Why couldn't similar pages be made on :twitter: or :insta: instead of, or maybe in addition to, the :facebook: page?

@odyssey98 @dansup I think you didn't get the actual point here. It's not about marketing (doesn't really work on FB), but more about taking the chance for imposters to act as Pixelfed there without any real connection to the project. That's how FB stays in power. The fear of losing control what happens with your project there...

@dansup It's a pity that you are literally forced to open a Facebook page just because it's impossible to stop anyone from impersonating as your project there... 😠

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