Someone keeps posting ISIS videos to Pixelfed, guess now is a good time to put those SHA hashes to use to block future uploads of bad content.

@jeffcliff If @dansup and admins do not block terrorist recruitment & propaganda videos, guess who gets prosecuted?

@dansup SHA hashes of videos as part of a blocklist is smart! It'd be interesting if one could come up with a video ID method that works even if one bit changes though.

Something hard to bypass and tamper with.

@Lofenyy Well there're tons of #AI and machine learning peeps in the FOSS community, and I'm sure you could use #ML to populate an admin page listing videos that are suspected of being related to banned content. @dansup

@Lofenyy You could also have it auto-filter, but it's easy to get false positives with #AI, as we've seen before (e.g. #Tumblr)... I wonder whether there's a reliable way to crowdsource some elements of moderation? @dansup

What about a shared index of these hashes between willing instances to benefit from the already banned content?

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