@kaffeeringe @dansup they're the same company, so why would it be illegal lol

like remember when Microsoft replaced stuff with Skype... and ... yeah... Teams.. and...

@ThreeBadgersInATrenchcoat @dansup I know, but when Facebook bought WhatsApp European authorities said they can't merge the user bases.

@ThreeBadgersInATrenchcoat @dansup Yes I know. But I thought thhey put a stop to all this interconnectivity... I am only happy I closed my Instagram-Account after 5 minutes,, realizing they just showed me all the people I follow on Facebook. How boring is that?

@dansup yikes... btw, any idea when the pixelfed app for iOS will be released?

@dansup well, the difference eludes me to be honest 😂 , glad we have #pixelfed

@dansup I’m not surprised frankly that Facebook would do this to Instagram. Neither would I surprised if Instagram just turned into a photos/videos only frontend of Facebook eventually either.

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