Messages from Pixelfed + Pleroma will be blue and messages from Mastodon will be green.

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@dansup Wouldn't it be better if Pleroma's bubbles were gold-orange (as per their logo color), and Mastodon's were blue (ditto)?

@dansup is this an iPhone vs Android joke because I'm all for it

@Gargron @dansup marking differences in messaging implementation I assume? if pixelfed is using pleroma-style chats in the backend, then that would explain it

@tromino In this case, it would be better for Mastodon and Pleroma to standardize on one chat implementation. Because fragmentation sucks.

@Gargron @dansup

@drq @Gargron @dansup I'd definitely be for the idea of mastodon getting chats functionality!

@tromino Definitely. Especially if the support for e2ee like Axolotl or Omemo or such can be figured out. And I heard, Mastodon team was working on it.

Throw in the multi-user conferences (which is probably easy - just tag more people), voice/video call negotiation (webrtc or something - jitsi meet does it, and it doesn't even need logging in) and small things like read statuses - and bingo. We have THE perfect communication platform. And if everyone else adopts the same standards, that's it. Matrix and XMPP can just go home at this point.

@Gargron @dansup


>that's it. Matrix and XMPP can just go home at this point.

I would say no...if all i wanted was to have a small mostly private thing for friends and family to use for text chat i would not host an entire mastodon instance...i would stick with XMPP.

Why would anyone suggest to replace a chat platform with a full on social network platform??

@tromino @Gargron @dansup

@mgrondin The chat part can be implemented separately, so you can eat your cake and have it too. Or rather, still communicate with those who do, while opting for one or the other yourself instead.

@dansup @Gargron @tromino

@drq @mgrondin @dansup @Gargron I could definitely see an activitypub server implementation that's strictly for chats being possible to create

@tromino @drq @dansup @Gargron

But Why?? XMPP is a fine protocol that does things rather well.

Don't need to constantly re-invent the wheel...

@mgrondin @drq it could be useful for people who want a chat system that they can use to talk to people on software like mastodon/pleroma, which implement chats over activitypub for simplicity

I do think protocols like xmpp and matrix will still be useful to have around, but activitypub messaging servers could be good for people with certain use cases

@mgrondin adoption rate, that's why.

For the communication tool, this is the key factor, as a communication tool makes no sense if there's no one to communicate with.

Right now, XMPP's adoption rate is dead on the ground. Matrix is a bit better in that regard. Both of them are dwarfed by the Fediverse.

If the Fediverse successfully implements its own chat protocol, it will propell the idea of true secure instant messaging to the heights it has yet to see. 4,5 megausers is nothing to shake a stick at, at our numbers.

And, there can actually be a synergy effect in this kind of integrated solution: the social network will promote the chat adoption, and the chat will help to "sell" the social network even better.

@dansup @Gargron @tromino

@drq @tromino I would rather see time spent on promoting the good/usable protocol(s) we have instead of building new ones...feels like time wasted to me...maybe that's just me

@mgrondin It comes down to how many apps you want a new convert to install and how many accounts to create.

People get VERY irate if you give them a handful of programs each requiring another account on a different server infrastructure.

It's a miracle if you even convince them to install just one.

More integration = less apps to manage = less resistance to adoption.


@mgrondin and yes, I still think that Matrix sucks - exactly because, from the user's perspective it's 'just' a reinvention of XMPP.

But the crucial point of the solution I'm talking about is extending the thing a lot of people already have with the functionality akin to which people here already do - which is conversing using private messages.


@drq well how many apps do people use today...?


@mgrondin @drq @tromino problem is the lack of inertia. There's just no energy or excitement around XMPP. "just chat" isn't what people want. And if we want we can build apps that are only the chat part of the Fediverse -- that's probably going to happen at some point.
@dansup is the bubble difference due to how DMs are handled?

I know that Pleroma has a direct chat functionality, does Pixelfed make use of this?

@sean No that was just a joke, all messages are blue. I'm not familiar with Pleroma chat, this should be compatible with any implementation that uses Mastodon-like direct messages.

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