@dansup @ChampagneSupernovaX holy shit, nice job man! Assuming it's open-source?

One question: is it strongly tied to Pixelfed? This might be useful for other communities.

@dansup by federated, you mean that it could be linked to mastodon and so on ?

@Lapineige yes, you will be able to reply to forum threads from Mastodon and Pleroma!


Not everybody dabbles in photography. But everybody participates in at least some community, most - even in several.

@dansup @Lapineige

@dansup why don't you create a communitie on lemmy.ml or create a lemmy.pixelfed.social instance? ๐Ÿ™„

@hokori696 Lemmy is a great project, it doesn't fit our use case.

You will be able to reply to threads from Mastodon + Pleroma and lemmy can't do that yet.

@dansup Federated forum? I didn't even realize there was Federated forum software. Off to investigate!

@kennon I dont believe there are any federated forums yet, I am building this ๐Ÿ™‚

@kennon @dansup has stopped their intent to add support in the short term and come to the .

I recently posted to Discourse Meta about taking a different approach to evaluating, and evaluating *all* the possible ways in which they could do so.

Being first has the added advantage of being able to set the standard for any forum-related AP extensions. See:


I'll mention this thread on Meta as extra encouragement, and - who knows - coop :)

@Humane Tech Now
Perhaps worth taking a look at a couple of the already existing #forums implementations in the fediverse. At least to ensure some level of compatibility. One's I know of: #Friendica #Zap #Hubzilla

@Kennon @dansup

@dansup --- do i need a #pixelfed account to follow accounts/get them into my #mastodon stream? i am not able to figure it out... i keep getting a "sign-up/login" screen and can't even see the pixelfed stream.

You need to enter the known @user@pixfedsite in your mastodon search box. Then add from there to see new posts in your home time line.
Can't just go to the pixfed instance to browse.

@bathmatics @dansup

You can follow PixelFed from Mastodon just like following any Mastodon account. You don't need a PixelFed account.

For example try following these:


Posts may not be visible on your instance if no one else from your instance has followed that person yet, but future posts will automatically appear in your stream.

@FediFollows @bathmatics @dansup

I understand that we can specifically follow a known account from a pixelfed instance but is there anyway to discover accounts via a public stream as we do on mastodon?

Coming from a self hosted instance it's hard to get some content. When I started on mastodon I just went over public streams of big instances to follow interesting (to me) people. Sadly it looks like I can't do the same with pixelfed.

@FediFollows @bathmatics @dansup
Ok nevermind, it looks like I just had to try with other instances. Just tried with two others and it worked as expected, all the instances I tried before must have had "public stream" disabled I guess.

@dansup Feel like Apple community ๐Ÿ˜‚ anyway, great works!
@dansup why not just implement them as standard groups rather than support forums?
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