Is done? The developer recently deleted their mastodon and GitHub accounts.

If it is done, I hope the developer has success with their next endeavour

@dansup I wish he would tell us more. Such a sudden move is concerning.

That's sudden. It is a fine application and very productive developer. Hope they did not burn out from development.


In the last break in 2020, his father had died of corona. There was also a long silence. Then I don't suspect anything good either...

@mondstern Yes, I remember that. It's pretty sad, I hope he is okay.

@dimitrisk @mondstern Thanks for the context, I have attached a screenshot in case that gets removed.

@JotaSeth @mondstern @liaizon @dansup @dimitrisk @random I think we should respect his decision and reasons, and the problems are clear. We need to be more inclusive in our talks and interaction on the net as it effects people in the real world with serious effects. Disagreeing is human but hating or slam dunking wouldn't solve anything. May he be alright going forward

@heluecht @dansup

I wrote about it but I am now shadowbanned on Can't find anything anymore.
All official ActivityPub, W3C and SocialCG hashtags are gone.

However, please note that also is looking for new maintainers


Good question. Can't ask.
Admin blocked me too.

All official ActivityPub hashtags are gone (we tested).
People do not receive my DMs from m ".social" (we tested).
Now multiple people informed but seems they do not care.

@heluecht one good approach, maybe someone will fork it. @dansup

@dansup what does this means for users of Fedilab? Do I need to find a replacement? It's practically the only app I use on my phone, next to Antennapod. Definitely the best fediverse app I've found for Android.

@dansup its very weird. Just a few days ago I read something along the lines of "back on fedilab development again"

@shellkr @dansup @kevinronceray @random I have the feeling as if developers, possibly especially open source developers, often are very special people. Means: I think that it often would be good if these people had got some "filter" between them and the users. At work we do have the consultants who have to handle angry customers so that the developers can do their job without trobules. But in open source the devlopers often are consultant, developer, marketing and support in a single person. This is a pressure that is not easily to handle.
@heluecht @shellkr @dansup @kevinronceray @random I think it is possible to find this people that act as a buffer, the problem in OSS development it that the developer still has to ask for those buffers... as the developer naturally is the only person to be there in the beginning.

@Utzer @heluecht @dansup @kevinronceray @random
True.. very true.. but I don't think there is any way around it because of how FOSS projects work and should work. A package maintainer do play this part a little bit though. The thing is that you need that connectivity.. It is kinda inbuilt.

@dansup man, hope that doesn't get to other devs too. Like you I mean.

Said this before: leave the devs alone and let the admins to their job.

@dansup @bekopharm Yea. Hoping that too. Have other fediverse devs experienced such harassment as well? I've got a too naive mind, so I can't really follow why anyone would do such a thing to someone that just wants to make the world a better place. Politics?

@wiwiec @dansup think that's a critical mass thing. At some point you become famous enough that you're bound to get noticed by some self entitled ######s that do not understand that you can not blame the baker for people eating bread.

@dansup @bekopharm that sucks. can totally relate to his reaction pulling himself out. though, what can one achieve without being exposed at all? maybe not a lot.
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