Also, is using 12G of ram just for redis. Seems like I'll have to take the title from pleroma for most ram heavy implementation 😅

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@lanodan I'm not sure tbh, for the amount of users pixelfed has, I'm pretty sure this would be the most expensive memory wise lol

@dansup @lanodan Has anyone done an actual study to compare implementations? It would be useful information for folks who might want to set up their own instances later.

@drwho @dansup @lanodan

> Light memory usage
> Simple to deploy
> Runs on a Raspberry Pi

(although it doesn't really matter much for the joke:
"takes the title from who ever had it before")

@lanodan yeah i don’t know how you can say that pleroma uses more ram than mastodon

@mkljczk @lanodan it was a joke, you could always benchmark it 😉

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