Great news everyone! The dev will resume development of his projects and now has some help!

Follow @apps to stay up to date and a message from Tom is available here

@apps No problem! Will never forget that was the first app to add support for ❤️

WE love you Tom, and you're always one of us.

@dansup @apps Wow great!
I was very sad to hear that he wants to stop and the story behind.

@dansup @apps
Thanks so much Tom ! We need you 🙂
And thanks to the people helping you !

@dansup @apps This is beyond great news. I have honestly been a really bummed out, and it has been weighing of my heart probably more than I should let it!!

Happy day!

Let's hope that "help" really will be help and not involve making it incompatible with older versions of #Android.

Also let's hope #Google and #Cloudflare are not involved!

#encryption #stayVigilant


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