Avatars from remote instances now fetched and stored on S3!

This was one of the last things to do before releasing v0.10.10.

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@dansup After what Amazon did to Parler, are #Fediverse users worried this could be an issue for us?

We shouldn't be storing our media on Amazon.

@masstransitkrow I don't think many are concerned, a lot of instances have rules and codes of conduct that prohibits the kind of activity that was endemic on Parler.

@masstransitkrow @dansup I think it's something to consider in the future. Are there any solid alternatives to s3?

@geotechland @masstransitkrow Any S3 compatible API will work, like Digital Ocean Spaces, Minio, Wasabi, etc.

@geotechland @dansup

IPFS would be an interesting way to manage that... 🤔​

@imattau @geotechland @dansup If IPFS is chosen, are there any trustworthy/privacy friendly IPFS gateway out there that should be used?

I found a list here: seems to be run by Protocol Labs themselves. But there are others.

@imattau I've never run a gateway myself. So not sure how much that would be feasible.

I guess a go-ipfs integration might also be possible, without gateway.

@dansup do they get refetched after a while? sometimes people change their avatar and unless you follow those people you won't get the Update.

@ariadne They will get refetched after 24 hours when receiving new objects, will eventually support Update too.

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