I've revised my plans for the Pixelfed mobile apps in light of what Google Play did to Element*.

Will be adding some last minute changes before we publish the beta release.


@dansup Is there already an alpha apk somewhere...? 😉

@z428 Nope, not yet. I know the expectations are high so I'm taking my time to finish essential functionality.

@dansup Is there any early release or beta apk's to use it? will this be available to F-Droid?

@shyinito We haven't published anything yet, it will be available on F-Droid first.

Awesome!, i can't wait for it.
I deleted my Instagram after knowing that pixelfed exists

@shyinito @dansup how are you doing with audience? Love to use pixelfed as a replacement to Instagram for brand promotion.

In how much time is it available?
1 day, 1 week, 1 month?

@dansup Is there a way to sign up to be a beta tester? or are you going to do something different? Thanks :)

@dansup puts a mature toggle on the site itself, deactivating the feature for that account. It can't be toggled in the app. This way users can only activate the mature content using non-google tools, and it seems to work for them. No one can use the app on its own to access mature content.

Strange: element is refusing connections from Yandex browser.
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