Every morning I check the Discover section and am blown away by how talented people are.

Seeing photos from around the world is also pretty neat!

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@dansup Ah, I wish our "explore" section was like that.

@Gargron That would be nice, I experimented with trending hashtags + locations (on that page) but ended up removing them because the trending "signals" where not as good as like counts on posts and it looks cleaner without them.

@dansup I wish I could subscribe to those discover pages from other instances 🤔

After the initial struggle with the most difficult installation process, pixelfed seems very promising! So great in fact that I’m planning to delete my Instagram account

@jimbo @dansup could you give some hints about debugging of my Pixelfed instance? It is impossible to add it to any app (Pixeldroid, Fedilab). Other pixelfed instances can be added to these apps normally (i did it for my test accounts on and
@dansup This screenshot was taken from pixeldroid. FefiLab (and FediLab Lite) simply crashes add account screen than reload it with empty input form.

@cats-shadow If you have opcache enabled, you might need to reload/restart nginx after updating .env. See if that helps.

@dansup Hmm.. Nginx here used as reverse proxy to apache2. Tomorrow i'll try to reconfigure pixelfed instance to nginx as primary web server. Could i ask you in case it would not help?

@cats-shadow Of course! We have a discord and IRC channel too, its probably better to ask there in case I'm not around.

@dansup Thanks!
//oops it's too late here.. only 4 hours for dreams rest before morning. :)
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