@dansup the first. There is nothing else than twitter and facebook.

@Gargron @dansup
Don't worry. Vice got your back:

Decentralized social networks exist already,
though none have had great success
(remember Mastodon?).

:newlol: :newlol: :newlol: :newlol: :newlol: :newlol:

@ekaitz_zarraga @Gargron @dansup
At 41,000 users, Vice says, "a rapidly growing network"

At 3,000,000, "Meh"

But Twitter delivers the real punch line. They want to externalize the cost of operating the network and sell access to their fucking algorithms. I'm laughing like an asthmatic hyena here 😂

@technomancy @ekaitz_zarraga
Wasn't Twitter a popular platform around the time of Occupy? I think I have like 5 accounts...

@yaaps @Gargron @dansup i mean mastodon doesn't have $20b of funding, but it has a bunch of users and nice content. i hope twitter ends up choosing activitypub, because this would actually fix their shitty moderation in terms of that everyone can say them to fuck off

@Gargron @dansup A public company giving up control? On purpose? I’ll believe it when I see it.

@Gargron @dansup

Guys please argue explicitly against that article that it is a simply false information. Twitter is going to negate your honorable contribution to the decentralized social network.

@dansup amazing, I've never heard about anything like that! I wonder if it's even possible... /s

@dansup Sent a polite email to author/editor email explaining the inaccuracies in their article.


@dansup "users would be in charge of the algorithm", and Twitter will be in charge of just how much it will allow users be in charge.

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