After almost a year of development, I am happy to announce will be launching to the public this weekend!

Building ActivityPub applications will be much easier with FediDB.

Special thanks to @NGIZero for funding development of this project!

I'll definitely be using this to debug my group federation 😏

@dansup @NGIZero

So, what is it?

Do I use it to build apps for existing AP implementations?

Do I use it to create new AP implementations?

Both? Something else?

@herrdoering @NGIZero @dansup I hope it's not I just took a guess and tried it, and it's a #CloudFlare site, which indicates that the people behind it aren't really commited to #decentralization.

@herrdoering @dansup @NGIZero

Looks like it's on but at the moment it's not looking good.

@dansup Wait, what is it? exactly, I'm interested in what this is :O

@dansup @NGIZero This is great news, the dev tooling around ActivityPub has been in a dire state. Of course, it had to come a few days after I gave up writing my own went with, but I’m excited!

@dansup @fluxx @NGIZero i would suggest putting a link to it in the toot. Also a short description what it does (what part of development does it facilitate, what is an example use-case) would be helpful.

@dansup Congrats! I am not a dev by any means, but I am always impressed by your work. It is great to see you expressing cheer around this project. Way to go!

@dansup @NGIZero I really like your projects, but honestly I cannot stand it anymore: do you plan on making improvements to Pixelfed or it's left abandoned?

For example, comments from Mastodon still very rarely appear on Pixelfed despite issue being closed 2 years ago:

Currently Pixelfed is more like an advertisement for Instagram, rather than its killer. And that's very sad thing.

Sorry if it sounded rude, just cannot keep being silent.

@groosha @NGIZero It is not abandoned, in fact we shipped Autocomplete for comments and a new comments UI this past week.

We also recently fixed a comment bug related to unlisted visibility, the missing comment bug is nearly fixed.

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