@dansup Nothing there. Just a gif with three dots animating.

@harald @dansup It is a modern website: you need to enable javascript just to display some text. Developers, developers, developers!

@Hans Yeah, only first party javascript though, which is way better than most. But an explanation that js is needed, and why when disabled, would be a good addition.

@dansup You can really see the hard work you've put into this. Looks amazing!

@dansup Confirmation e-mail never came (why do you need to register anyway?). I like the lack of third party trackers though

@dansup "Create an account" really?

Can you tell me which features absolutely require an account?

@mariusor Most of the features require an account because we verify domain/instance ownership to prevent abuse.

We are working on a CLI tool for local development as well, in case you don't have a domain or instance to test against.

@dansup OK, fair enough, but proof by loading a TXT record, or a specific file on the server the user wants to test should be enough.

Also I'm sure that at least some of the requests can be done without requiring proof, but I can't be sure as I don't know which requests the service supports. :D

@dansup Site looks great! Though it seems like the signup email never comes (tried to submit last night, and then again this morning)

@dansup looks good!

FYI there's no graceful failure for browsers with JavaScript disabled. At least on my phone, just 3 dots forever.

@dansup @admin

Ping me when it doesn’t require registration to use. Know your market

@dansup Do you plan to add FunkWhale instances to the Network directory?

@tomat0 Yes, working on adding other projects as well!

@dansup I can't seem to figure out what it is and to start using the "developer tools", I need to create an account..

What is it?

@dansup Hey there! Is the account creation manually activated? I tried creating an account and I never received an email, so I can't actually use FediDB! I'd like to use it to help get a better handle on things for Little Library before I move on to bigger projects.

@dansup I don't see how I can sign up, it doesn't seem to process what I enter

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