I feel bad that I wasn't able to launch with more projects on FediDB.

Kind of tedious to locate all the metadata we use, maybe I should crowdsource this data to make it easier to add new projects to the fedidb.org/software section 🤔

Had a look a day or two ago and was going to search for the repository and see if I could help out in that respect, but it appears to be proprietary (?).

I'll just mention in passing that I was struck by the extraordinary emphasis of the fedidb site on things that are "popular" and now I notice this emphasis on popularity extends even into the data structures. Since I'm not a Kardashian and don't represent Facebook or Twitter I think I'll just let it pass. This isn't criticism. We just have very different motivations and target audiences.

@mike We do list 60 different ActivityPub implementations in the Network section but I did not have time to collect metadata (project summary, license, website, screenshots, etc) for every one.

I didn't mean to exclude a large number of software projects by virtue of popularity and I'm sorry it came across that way.

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@dansup @mike I noticed the same thing. The first thing you see on the frontpage is

We currently support popular fediverse applications like Mastodon, Pixelfed and Peertube.

which makes me think the project is always going to focus on those particular projects.

And under Network, you sort instances by user count, which is going to deprioritize projects that focus on smaller communities and single-user instances

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