I feel incredibly blessed that Pixelfed has grown so much over the past year.

Total users, posts and active users have doubled, and our project is among the top 5 most popular.

Though we haven’t had our viral moment like Mastodon or PeerTube, I’m confident that when we do, we’ll be ready.

I look forward to the next 3 years and beyond! 😁

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@dansup you're doing awesome job, thank you so much for that!

But I'm afraid that pixelfed is not ready for its viral moment, not with all its federation issues...

@dansup And that's without a native app. I think that with its release the growth rate will be different

@dansup Hi, great work!
I think this has come up before, but the default seems to be that one needs to create a login to see anything? Or maybe that's just old-configured sites.

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