@dansup minor thing but I preferred the margin between posts, just like the network timeline still has.

@dansup after the all caught up message the older posts should follow automatically without clicking that link. And the all caught up box is way too big in height

@dansup and how does it decide that i am call caught up? I just tested it and three post visible. Then i click on view older posts and i get again to the top, where i have to scroll past the three already viewed posts and it shows me two more posts which i haven't seen before. So what is the purpose of this all caught up? How shall it work?

@dansup looks stellar! now I just wish there was a good native Pixelfed app on Android so I can enjoy all the work put into it on my mobile devices.

@dansup to change background grey with a posted image and or user able to upload one?

@dansup I’m sure some like the trending posts in their timeline and it drives engagement, but it makes getting to older posts indirect, and makes me feel like I don’t have control of my timeline. (The fact that this trending list is often similar or identical means that this both messes up my curated timeline, and mostly fails to increase discovery after the first time.)

I do like the indication that I’m caught up. Maybe instead of a link for older posts, have a link for seeing trending posts?

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