I feel like spam has been increasing on the as of recent.

This is causing some backlogged queues as processes federated deletes in the same queue as other activities.

Thinking of moving Deletes to a separate queue, should reduce the federation lag in larger :pixelfed: instances.

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@dansup Spam of Delete? That sounds like mastodon instances deletion…

@lanodan Well, its spam accounts that get deleted, and yeah most of the federated deletes are from Masto

@dansup Well maybe it could be worth it to raise this kind of issue to Mastodon, deleting an account should be just one activity instead of a ton.
@dansup im really happy you're still working on pixelfed after all these years.
@dansup I remember when you started it, it's come so far <3

It's interesting to see different implementation approaches. I process Deletes, and most other activities, immediately. Though it would probably mean that a busy enough instance could run out of threads in the thread pool...

@grishka Yeah we process them immediately too, but for larger instances it can be thousands of them per hour. This is from the past two hours, just Delete activities.

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