Wow, just noticed how many users joined in the last 30 days.

It's not listed on the instance picker, I wonder where they heard about it.

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I have already heard from some people that they have seen my acrylic paintings and have therefore registered on

@dansup Could this be a result of Instagram's announcement that they're getting out of the photos business?

@jaranta Yeah that makes sense, I would imagine it would be a very small percentage of IG users who even know or care about that announcement though. None of my friends heard that, and they don't care lol

@jaranta @dansup In the news I read about this on Twitter, I posted a link recommending Pixelfed. I'm doing my part. lol

@dansup @jaranta @mondstern @Scofield

hahaha not sure if that was a joke but it is listed on fedi database as first choice so doesn't seem fair 😋

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