@dansup every time I have talked to a journalist that resulted in a publication they got every single point of data wrong. According to journalists my name is User and I live in Washington State.

@dansup Maybe they’re confused that you’re posting from “mastodon.social”, maybe they think that “mastodon.social” and “pixelfed.social” are clearly from the same organisation called “.social”…

@dansup Oh god. Don't tell me you and @Gargron are the same person?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

@dansup This is like trying to explain to your parents that "WiFi" and "the internet" are two technically separate things.

@michael I have now had this conversation so many times it is no longer funny

@dansup Yes, Tim Berners Lee, The_Inventor_Of_The_Internet.com


It's all good, with "the same people" they clearly mean "fedizens" 😜

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