Average users per instance according to :

Mastodon - 675
Pixelfed - 222
Pleroma - 35
PeerTube - 159
Lemmy - 648

Full list of avg users, results rounded up.

675: mastodon
648: lemmy
500: gnusocial
499: socialhome
232: plume
223: pixelfed
196: go-littr
160: peertube
119: writefreely
87: friendica
74: fedimoe
68: mobilizon
67: starship
66: bookwyrm
60: moodlenet
58: funkwhale
49: zap
47: hubzilla
43: reel2bits
42: red
38: wordpress
37: smithereen
35: pleroma
32: lotide
29: gancio
28: pagure
16: olki
15: activity-relay
14: unciarelay
10: pubgate
9: activityrelay
8: epicyon
7: roadhouse
4: misskey
0: tsundere

@dansup do you have the median ?

As there is a few very big instances (I don't remember the figures, but it's something like 10 instances hosting 70~90% of all mastodon accounts…), it would be more accurate.

@dansup thanks 🙂

Wow. I didn't expect it to be so low. So much small (single-account ?) instances 😄
I wonder what's the 3rd quartile then 🤔

Do you have the median for other software ?

Thanks 🙏 🙂

@Lapineige_secours No problem, will calculate the median for all software tomorrow!

dansup, yeah that's my instance which is slightly above 100 and then two other ones, with 1-2 accounts each :D

let’s get pixelfed to top 1 or 2 at the end of 2021.

@yane @dansup Isn't that the opposite of what we want? To celebrate decentralization by having lots of *tiny* instances?

@narF @dansup i wish we could have lots of tiny or even big instances but it all depends on interest. i personally want mastodon and pixelfed to grow large enough to attract more users away from twitter and instagram. there’s no competition between decentralization but there is competition between non-decentralization and decentralization imo.

@yane Ah yes, i see what you mean. Bring people out of the walled gardens!

@dansup wow, lemmy is doing good. Good to see socialhome on the list too.

Glad to see hubzilla on the list  <3 :)
@dansup Would be interesting to have the number of instances alongside

@dansup good information!

HTTPS:// has (since December 2018) hovered at around 1K citizens, all members of the Church of the SubGenius. :jrbd:

The lowest the better : it means more decentralisation.

@dansup This shows the need for the Fediverse to scale by adding new instances, and getting places like #mastohost and others to make it easy to do without being a more serious admin.

@dansup I use Mastodon more than any of my other social networks. It's as if I've completely abandoned them in favor of this one. I believe there is a better community here that isn't trying to constantly sell me something.

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