Implementing new ActivityPub object types unused by other projects is fun!

I don't have to worry about compatibility, and I get to define my own object schema 👍

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> I don't have to worry about compatibility, and I get to define my own object schema 👍

Not particular to your efforts, but in general:

There is however the person that comes after you to consider. Should they contact you? Dive into the codebase to figure out what you did?

A big challenge for fedi is how to get alignment and consensus on the interoperability constructs to use. Right now its an 'everybody for themselves' kinda thing.

@humanetech I agree. I plan on adding federation documentation.

My long term goal is to adopt a machine readable ActivityPub implementation schema for FediDB with crowdsourced data for each project so one can build and test against real world objects.

@dansup I would love if the machine readable Schema were compatible with go-fed's ASTool so that:
1) it could be natively shared itself via ActivityPub, and
2) our projects could read / write the same input files


@cj @dansup

On the whole I feel there is a great Process + Automation mechanism to be elaborated that will greatly ease arbitrary extensions to be supported across the fedi.

I hope we can steer a good discussion towards that on SocialHub.

@cj That sounds interesting! Not familiar with ASTool, will check it out.


Yeah but as soon as I see one of these I usually try to implement it. Can't help it. Pleroma's scrobbler is really noisy - you can enable it with a hidden config if your stream is so boring that you want to look at this stuff; and Misskey's emoji reactions are just a mess because they require access to misskey's internal site-specific emoji shortnames table.

But I can't help it. So you actually do have to worry about compatibility, because there are people like me that will implement everybody's weird objects and somebody out there will complain if they stop working. At least toss a description into and update it if you change stuff.

@grishka @dansup Defining your own schema was part of the intended design. It can be quite simple too. Just use a JSON object with:


Optionally you can add a @type. I would put this in an HTML page and the JSON in a SCRIPT tag. Then render a nice looking page with some simple JS.

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