Been crazy busy with development lately, I decided to take a break and work on something else for fun.

Inspired by an expiring domain, I started building my idea of a bespoke guide to the fediverse.

Can't wait to launch this, I think y'all will love it!

The challenge with making a guide is I'm not aware of every project.

So, I built a form service into this that can accept submissions and a dashboard to approve them.

This is more than just a bespoke guide though.

We also have a blog, and it's federated, so you can keep up to date with fediverse news without leaving your home feed. Categories, RSS, Tags and other standard blog features included.

Anyone can submit content to our blog, though we do curate submissions.


Anyways, the real magic is easy discovery.

People, Projects, Mobile apps and more.

A new way to explore the fediverse without having to create an account.

You don't even need an account to add or submit things!

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@dansup maybe I can inspire you with this idea to turn discovery around.

Instead of saying "I am maintainer of a list and you can 'PR' entries to it" why not say "broadcast what you have, so that anyone interested in it can easily discover it"?

This is the idea of the protocol, a sort of PubSub based on linked data profiles, that would lend itself excellently for federation, and has numerous use cases.

@humanetech Exactly! We use something similar for our discovery features.

The exception is clients, projects and mobile apps, they remain pretty constant so we maintain our own lists with a schema that is used by the frontend.

We also have an open API and we gladly accept changes using our web forms or you can submit a change request via ActivityPub using a specially formatted direct message.

@dansup I feel this can be a generic service. Anyone can spin up a federated pubsub index server. Everyone can create linked data Profiles of things to subscribe to. And everyone can create an instance of any Profile with stuff they want to publish, which then spread around the fedi and get aggregated by anyone interested in them.

This would go way beyond as Profiles have rich metadata on which to subscribe.

Embed Profile snippets in your static site and have publish it..

@humanetech Yes!

That in on our roadmap, not just for the generic fediverse service aspect, but also because having the guide offline, or otherwise in your own possession will make it even more useful and valuable.

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