Portfolio - an upcoming Pixelfed feature that allows users to create their own portfolio website that best represents them and their work.

No likes, comments or other social aspects. Just your content.

Hand pick a selection of public posts or use the most recent. Select a fixed width or full width layout. Choose a grid or masonry feed. Hide or show post captions, license, location, timestamp and the original post link.

Make it your own by customizing your settings! Shipping soon.

@dansup Interesting! This was the main idea behind Socialhome project.


sounds very nice!!

and i would be VERY HAPPY, if you would fix the postgres troubles... 😀

@dansup That's brilliant. No way "Meta" would think of something like that.

"No likes, comments" Pixelfed avoiding counters :blobcatadorable:

@dansup Likes can be useful for sorting - but they don't need to be displayed. I made my own website, and I wish there was a reasonable way to have an "arrange by popularity/rating" feature.

@dansup If it respects the original format of the images yes, indeed it would be nice!

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