Started a new ActivityPub based project 😄

I will push this to github in the next few days, its a different type of service than twitter or mastodon. I think the fediverse will like it.

@dansup Here's the thing. As long as it's using #ActivityPub it all adds to the #Fediverse whether it's similar it different to existing services.

@Blort The project I was referring to is PixelFed! I didnt announce the project code, name, or website until May 17th.

@dansup I don't want to sound rude, but it seems that #Pixelfed is nowhere near stable release. Why switching to something else? 🤔

@angristan @dansup wtf..Mastodon showed this toot as "new" one... Sorry @dansup, my fault.

@angristan @groosha @dansup the confusion could be because @dansup boosted his own post yesterday - I know it confused me for a minute!

@dansup you should focus on making pixelfed stable and refactoring anything afterwards

@dansup could you recommend something to start with Python?

@cedricbonhomme @dansup If you have interest into coding websites and mountain biking, you could join me on which I start around 2 months ago. It runs with Django and so Python. And I want it compatible with ActivityPub too, if possible!

@cedeber @dansup thanks, I'll also have a loog at your project. This cam help to understant how to properly integrate ActivityPub in my code.

@cedricbonhomme I would recommend @anfora, it is just like pixelfed and developed by @yabirgb

@dansup @anfora @yabirgb thanks, I'll have a look at the code of anfora.

In fact I would like to know more about how to integrate ActivityPub in a Python based app (Flask, Django, etc.). Probably for one of my existing project.

I will stick to Pixelfed for my photos 🙂

@dansup Man, you've got a lot of work done since then. Keep it up 👍

@ninmi Thanks, I can't believe how much :pixelfed: has grown either. I only had like 20 followers when I made that post.

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