"The End"

!gnusocialde wird zum 31. Mai abgeschaltet. Alle Infos und die Gründe für diesen Schritt hier:


"The End"

!gnusocialde will be shut down on May 31. All information and the reasons for this step here:

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@vinzv @dansup
Re: #GNUSocial MRs: unless I lost context, wasn't himself who closed it? For which reason though?

@adfeno Yeah I closed the MR's because I thought they wouldn't be merged.

@dansup I saw the creation timestamps of the four MRs, and as far as I see it, they weren't that old.

If it would be one year and some months old, then I would agree that one should either close the MR or comment again so to get people to pay attention to it.

But as far as the timestamps go: two weeks, three weeks, one month... seems a very short time for me.


@adfeno True, the first one has an important timing attack fix and I tried to get that merged ASAP to no avails.

@dansup Have you talked with at least one of the developers in some other way besides the MRs interface?

Sometimes private conversations through #IRC, #XMPP and so on work better to get people to pay attention.

@adfeno I have spoken with MMN-o on IRC, sent emails and also via the fediverse. mastodon.social/@dansup/997981. Its resolved now, when he gets some time we can discuss this hopefully!

@dansup Oh, that's awesome! Thank you very much for the contributions! :D

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