Just started using Spotify, the recommendations are on point! Finding a lot of new music, it’s awesome.

Issa BROCKHAMPTON + Frank kinda day, can’t wait to leave town

Want to push some improvements to Stories, this is the most I’ve posted in a single day 😊

The only time I restart my phone is when both Mast and Tusker crash or have a stuck loading screen.

I know Tusker is in beta, but I paid for Mast and expect more from it 😞

I wish Tusky was on iOS

What have I become ?? A month ago I rarely used my phone and now I can’t put it down lol

For every major feature added, there is at least one other failed idea.

There are dozens of unreleased features in various stages of development and it can get overwhelming sometimes to have to pick and choose what to focus on.

Your feedback is really appreciated and shapes the direction of the project!

I came out to extended family and friends via A IG Story, ironic I know

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