fresh to death like he was born in a coffin, my dawg help keeps Pixelfed cool

like he really cooler than you and me, you should see him at parties

anyways, he wants me to post more of his selfies until the app is ready and he can do it himself 😅

Two tornado warnings this past weekend, yesterday one touched down 30 miles from me. In northern Canada these are rare, but two in one weekend is concerning 😅

You better work (cover girl!)
Work it, girl (give a twirl!)
Do your thing on the runway

How should I distinguish remote accounts from local in this context where we want to avoid using the full webfinger identifier?

I don't want users to be confused between local/remote accounts but I also don't want to have a domain prepended to every remote account.


I'm conflicted.

The official app I'm developing, I have to decide between fully embracing mastoapi or going our own way for the app.

Both choices have their own pros/cons, it would be easier to go our own way. On the flip side I feel guilty not reciprocating cross app compatibility like masto apps do.

It's so cool pixelfed users can use mastodon apps.

No plans to drop support for mastodon apps btw, just unsure about how to approach our own app compatibility.

Proud of the progress I'm making on the Pixelfed app, even though it's 2 years late. 2020 was a wild year for me, and coming out definitely delayed development progress.

I'm making up for it now, and I couldn't be happier that I found the love of my life, and we're still going strong ❤️

This is how text-only posts will look like on the pixelfed app, a few things I should mention:

- text only posts won't appear in timelines

- you can't create a top-level text only post

- we have no plans to support first class text-only posts, this is only for compatibility with our microblogging friends like GNU/Social, Honk and others

Mastodon vs Pixelfed menu

I like how Mastodon has Mute/Block options, but don't like the separate share button. On the flip side you have to go to the profile to Mute/Block on the Pixelfed app. Is that a fair compromise, or should I add Mute/Block to our menu too?

This is how the post menu will look on the mobile app!

Almost finished with the core features, we're getting close to the beta release 🚀

Almost finished the Comments screen, feeling pretty good about the progress I'm making 😅

Improved the search screen based on feedback from @trwnh! It will now show trending posts until you search something 😎

Added autolinking to the :pixelfed: app!

Such a standard feature right?

Have you ever clicked on a mention or hashtag in a mastodon app, only for it to open a web browser?

Mentions + Hashtags in our app won't open a web browser and instead load in app.

It's the simple things...

Not sure about these empty state descriptions, a local account can hide their network or a remote account may only include partial results.

What do you think?

Musk is trying to backout, and twitter will sue to enforce the merger 😂

Just went live from my old Galaxy S8, runs surprisingly well considering how old the phone is!

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