No surprise that Mastodon has the most new instances in the past month according to

Fun fact: I wrote a twitter alternative before I started Pixelfed.

I didn't account for remote profiles, and when I attempted to implement ActivityPub I realized how much work it would be to refactor the code. I was so mad at myself, I abandoned it.

I started Pixelfed a month later to try again, and that is why I was so hesitant on releasing federation support lol.

Experimenting with a new ComposeUI option to limit federation per-post.

Never would have thought of this, credit to @trwnh for suggesting this!

The wording and placement might change, but I think giving people more control over federation is important and aligns with our goals.

You can "follow" hashtags on Pixelfed and see them in your timeline.

It's an interesting way to discover new content in your home timeline.

Though I wonder if people would prefer if it showed one post per account, or keep it the way it is and show the latest posts with that hashtag. What do you think?

Just finished a 13 hour work day 😅

Now to switch gears to and finish implementing some license improvements!

Wow, just noticed how many users joined in the last 30 days.

It's not listed on the instance picker, I wonder where they heard about it.

"Exclusive for lazy people"

Some amazon product photos are mad jokes 😂

That’s my city in the top left the other day, it cooled down to 26c today 😅

Added a "Mark as Spammer" moderation tool to .

One click to remove spam and prevent it from appearing on public timelines!

Going to be hot next week! Thank god for air conditioning 😅

My province is slated to re-open without any restrictions by the end of the month if 70% of the population is vaccinated!!

Can't wait 😁

Asked some friends to use Pixelfed, they didn't know who to follow.

Empty timelines is not good for onboarding or new user experience.

Adding Suggested Posts to an empty timeline will encourage users to discover and engage with content without having to follow someone.

The new Home Timeline will keep track of what posts you've seen to show you posts you haven't seen.

When you reach the end, you can browse Suggested Posts or View Older Posts!

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