Experimenting with a new ComposeUI option to limit federation per-post.

Never would have thought of this, credit to @trwnh for suggesting this!

The wording and placement might change, but I think giving people more control over federation is important and aligns with our goals.

You can "follow" hashtags on Pixelfed and see them in your timeline.

It's an interesting way to discover new content in your home timeline.

Though I wonder if people would prefer if it showed one post per account, or keep it the way it is and show the latest posts with that hashtag. What do you think?

Never would have anticipated that composing a new post would become the most complex part of pixelfed.

Federating :pixelfed: licenses would be neat, don't think any other implementation does this yet.

Just finished a 13 hour work day πŸ˜…

Now to switch gears to and finish implementing some license improvements!

Photos and videos are way easier to handle than text lol

I feel like spam has been increasing on the as of recent.

This is causing some backlogged queues as processes federated deletes in the same queue as other activities.

Thinking of moving Deletes to a separate queue, should reduce the federation lag in larger :pixelfed: instances.

The network timeline has been improved, it now loads faster than home + public timelines.

Working on reducing load times from other timelines next!

Added a "Mark as Spammer" moderation tool to .

One click to remove spam and prevent it from appearing on public timelines!

Asked some friends to use Pixelfed, they didn't know who to follow.

Empty timelines is not good for onboarding or new user experience.

Adding Suggested Posts to an empty timeline will encourage users to discover and engage with content without having to follow someone.

The new Home Timeline will keep track of what posts you've seen to show you posts you haven't seen.

When you reach the end, you can browse Suggested Posts or View Older Posts!

Good Morning!

Discovered a spammer had sent hundreds of DMs on pixelfed.social to local users.

Since we filter out DMs from accounts you don't follow, no notifications were sent and impacted very few users.

The spam detection system works great, over 1600 posts have been caught and prevented from appearing on timelines (on pixelfed.social)!

Sometimes the spammer will appeal, which means they are adapting to our new measures πŸ˜„

I started the installer and UIKit back in 2019 and just now are they almost ready πŸ˜…

Ok, maybe it wasn't such a lazy sunday πŸ˜‰

Put in almost 70 hours of work this week, not including .

Feeling exhausted, can’t wait to go on vacation after things open back up.

The Pixelfed forum will be launched with the mobile apps and feature a Mobile App Support category for support and to better organize feedback during the beta.

Best part is the forum supports ActivityPub, so you can reply to threads without having to register an account! (We'll open source the forum shortly after)

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