Being able to boost a post from @pixelfed (with 19k+ followers) without causing downtime or overloading the single vps it's hosted on is amazing!

Look forward to further improving scalability and performance once the app beta is out, we're going to need it 😎

How should I distinguish remote accounts from local in this context where we want to avoid using the full webfinger identifier?

I don't want users to be confused between local/remote accounts but I also don't want to have a domain prepended to every remote account.


I'm conflicted.

The official app I'm developing, I have to decide between fully embracing mastoapi or going our own way for the app.

Both choices have their own pros/cons, it would be easier to go our own way. On the flip side I feel guilty not reciprocating cross app compatibility like masto apps do.

It's so cool pixelfed users can use mastodon apps.

No plans to drop support for mastodon apps btw, just unsure about how to approach our own app compatibility.

App development isn't easy, I have mad respect for fediverse app developers.

That being said, it's a pretty amazing feeling to build my own :pixelfed: app.

Being the sole developer can get lonely sometimes, but the productivity more than makes up for that!

TIL snapchat used to be named picaboo!

Thought it was a bug when the share activityType returned `com.toyopagroup.picaboo.share` 😅

Almost finished the Comments screen, feeling pretty good about the progress I'm making 😅

A few spammers found a way to bypass the :pixelfed: spam detection tool.

The ongoing arms race continues, my options are increasingly limited unless I go nuclear...

I love challenges like these, continues to make me strive for the best anti-spam tools in the fediverse. Should really blog about this, I'm sure other projects might find it useful.

Implementing snapchat like scroll navigation in the :pixelfed: app, scroll left for the camera and scroll right for notifications.


Not sure about these empty state descriptions, a local account can hide their network or a remote account may only include partial results.

What do you think?

I miss the old dansup who used to make apple-esque commercials for new feature announcements

Apple Developer membership acquired! Thanks to everyone who donated, looking forward to getting the Testflight out for the apps 🚀

Thanks for the feedback, renamed For You to Explore and moved the Following feed to the beginning and added notification badges!

The For You timeline is neither algorithmic or chronological, simply a random feed of posts you haven't already seen.

For You | Following | Network
- or -
For You | Following | Public

I need to decide on wether our 3rd timeline in the app will be a chronological network feed or a combination of network + local.

I'm leaning towards the former as the For You timeline will include local posts, thus giving federated timeline its own dedicated feed.


pixelfed web: vue 2
work stuff: vue 3
pixelfed apps: react/react-native

React is starting to grow on me, still prefer vue 2 😅

The stream menu on the Pixelfed Live app is now hidden behind a toggle when you're live.

While it now takes two taps to end a stream, mute/unmute, toggle front/back camera or open the share menu, the additional screen real is worth it.

I could add a setting to keep it active if people want that, what are your thoughts?

A nice side effect of :pixelfed: Live is websocket support, now we can implement real time timelines and notifications in the web UI 😉

I was going to support "desktop streaming" that would allow you to use OBS for :pixelfed: Live.

However Owncast does desktop streaming really well, and after using our new live streaming app I believe we're better off focusing on mobile streaming and empowering more intimate experiences via this ephemeral medium between creators and their audiences.

Not sure how to best differentiate usernames on the livestream chat, do you prefer the username color or underline color?

I'm aware of some low contrast usernames, that will be fixed for both light & dark mode before this ships!

So glad I added spam detection to pixelfed!

The few false positives more than make up for all the spam that get removed before being seen!

It really improves the local timeline experience 😉

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