When an admin deletes a post, applies a Content Warning or unlists from timelines, users will be notified the next time they use Pixelfed.

Will be shipping this soon.

It's been a productive week, I shipped Direct Messages, Dark Mode 2.0 and Shared Inbox support in Pixelfed!

Pixelfed DMs are a bit different.

You will only receive direct messages and notifications from users you follow unless you opt-in to public direct messages.

The filtered tab will show messages from users that are muted or that you don't follow.

You can mute DM notifications.

You can customize UI/UX settings.

Messages from Pixelfed + Pleroma will be blue and messages from Mastodon will be green.

Almost ready to ship Direct!

Just need to finish the Help Center documentation.

I want to add Watch support to the Pixelfed iOS app eventually, the limited screen size is challenging though.

Good Morning! It’s been a while since I’ve spent this much time away from my laptop and . We had a lot of fun and will be heading back home in a few hours.

Moved the Compose button on desktop viewports and emphasized it more on mobile viewports.

Cleaned up the Post UI a bit, much simpler with better comment threading.

The media content filter is almost ready to ship, just need to finish the admin dashboard component!

Someone keeps posting ISIS videos to Pixelfed, guess now is a good time to put those SHA hashes to use to block future uploads of bad content.

Just wrapping up some A11y stuff then I can get back to working on the Pixelfed app!

React Native is the bees knees 😁

Finished watching Snowpiercer, what a crazy season finale.

Time to get to work!

The cool thing about developing both the core project and mobile apps is I can ensure the experience remains consistent across platforms 😁

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