Decided to put off the road trip, lets get that Tag People feature shipped 😁

Want to push some improvements to Stories, this is the most I’ve posted in a single day 😊

Tagging is an exciting new feature for Pixelfed but it does present some challenges.

It could be abused, so I have added some new privacy settings to allow :pixelfed: users to control who can tag them.

It will only federate with other Pixelfed instances until I can consult with other implementations on the federated aspects.

I've spent the last 5 hours coding, it's good to be back 😁

Just pushed a fix for Story Compose, they work again!

Good Morning!

Had a pretty busy day off yesterday, feeling eager to get back to 😁

For every major feature added, there is at least one other failed idea.

There are dozens of unreleased features in various stages of development and it can get overwhelming sometimes to have to pick and choose what to focus on.

Your feedback is really appreciated and shapes the direction of the project!

It feels like forever since I released a new feature. I'm so happy right now 😁

I will get back to next week, this is the longest break I've taken and it isn't easy. Thank you for all the support 🌈

For almost a week I've been dealing with personal stuff (don't worry, its good) and I hope to get back to next week!

Can't wait to share the big news 😁

I started working on a SPA frontend for Pixelfed along with realtime updates, better PWA/notification support and improved dark mode.

This will improve UX and lay the foundation for Circles, DMs and MicroUI!

I should have made it more clear about the proposed fake info warning feature.

It's not automated.

Instance admins have to create them per post.

Experimenting with hover previews on notifications for better context.

What do you think?

What should I release tomorrow?

Sometimes you add that one feature that you end up using all the time.

I wish I added this earlier

This shouldn't be a big deal, but I know it annoyed a lot of people.

Pixelfed now generates notifications when you are followed by a remote account.

Shipped a few bug fixes and improvements like better embeds!

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