Seeing an influx of new users today!

Still working hard on the mobile app, it can't come soon enough 😅

The more I work on the app, the more I realize how the smallest details can make the biggest difference.

The key is being cognizant of human behavior and how to deal with each outcome if possible.

Platform safety is something I take for granted, and I'm so glad the fediverse pushes me beyond my own prejudices to see this from other perspectives and take action!

Seeing an influx of mention spam coming from accounts

I'm going to experiment with a few ideas I have to help instances deal with federated spam, and eventually support other projects too

I'm conflicted.

The official app I'm developing, I have to decide between fully embracing mastoapi or going our own way for the app.

Both choices have their own pros/cons, it would be easier to go our own way. On the flip side I feel guilty not reciprocating cross app compatibility like masto apps do.

It's so cool pixelfed users can use mastodon apps.

No plans to drop support for mastodon apps btw, just unsure about how to approach our own app compatibility.

This is how text-only posts will look like on the pixelfed app, a few things I should mention:

- text only posts won't appear in timelines

- you can't create a top-level text only post

- we have no plans to support first class text-only posts, this is only for compatibility with our microblogging friends like GNU/Social, Honk and others

This is how the post menu will look on the mobile app!

Almost finished with the core features, we're getting close to the beta release 🚀

Although is the only fediverse project to automate spam detection, it's important to recognize all the other projects and their admin/mod team's who tirelessly do this manual work every day.

You might not realize it, but that's the point!

As much as I'd love to spend all my time coding on :pixelfed:, as a fediverse developer I wear many hats

- dev updates
- marketing
- support requests (via GH, Riot, Discord, email, DMs)
- instance admin (x2)
- project interop outreach
- "other projects" (,

I'm doing my best, but sometimes it falls short like when I don't respond to every support request. Will work on that, thanks again for your support ❤️

My day job involves building websites for the ultra rich and it's weird to think about the vast wealth disparity.

Makes me so proud of Pixelfed, and how I am building an accessible and ethical IG alternative for everyone.

It's real. It's community. It's love.

No amount of money could buy this. ❤️

One more thing...

I want to make the mobile app dynamic in the sense that instance admins can determine feature availability.

- Local timeline
- Network timeline
- Stories
- Live streaming
- Hiding public like/share counts

This would empower instance admins, though at the expense of a unified experience. We can solve the unified experience issue by improving onboarding and explain why X feature is missing.


Still debating if I should use the existing mastoapi or write more optimized api endpoints for the app.

Would you want to use the Pixelfed app with Mastodon or should I focus on just supporting Pixelfed instances?

It will take a bit more time to write the new endpoints, but they will enable more richer experiences - at the expense of mastoapi support.

Working on the main mobile app again, it's my highest priority now our backend and frontend UI are maturing!

Fixed the Pixelfed Live app (for android), the updated APK will be available later today! 😅 🚀

:pixelfed: admins: don't forget to configure websockets as they are required for the Live feature

The stream menu on the Pixelfed Live app is now hidden behind a toggle when you're live.

While it now takes two taps to end a stream, mute/unmute, toggle front/back camera or open the share menu, the additional screen real is worth it.

I could add a setting to keep it active if people want that, what are your thoughts?

Never in a million years would I think I'd be able to write a mobile app, and for it to actually work.

The fediverse really is magic, the consistent positivity and encouragement have really made me strive and I look forward to you experiencing a new ephemeral paradigm that is live stories.

Added audio controls, share button and toasts to the :pixelfed: Live app!

Go live and share a public link that anyone can view, shipping soon to a instance near you!

Android + iOS apps are being prepared for release 🚀

Not sure how to best differentiate usernames on the livestream chat, do you prefer the username color or underline color?

I'm aware of some low contrast usernames, that will be fixed for both light & dark mode before this ships!

I should note that most instances aren't targets for spam so much as larger instances like

The benefit of me running the largest instance is that I'm able to react to and fix issues like these earlier.

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13% of instances are running the latest version released 1 day ago!

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