Good Morning!

Discovered a spammer had sent hundreds of DMs on to local users.

Since we filter out DMs from accounts you don't follow, no notifications were sent and impacted very few users.

The spam detection system works great, over 1600 posts have been caught and prevented from appearing on timelines (on!

Sometimes the spammer will appeal, which means they are adapting to our new measures 😄

Built a linktree like service for the fediverse.

The beta will be rolling out later this week for pixelfed users, will open up for everyone in a few weeks.

Built a Linktree clone tonight as a demo app for the pixelfed api, was a lot of fun 😁

I can’t believe has over 30k users, that’s wild!

If you run a :pixelfed: instance, make sure you have ffmpeg installed!

We're going to make it a requirement for video in the next version.

The Pixelfed forum will be launched with the mobile apps and feature a Mobile App Support category for support and to better organize feedback during the beta.

Best part is the forum supports ActivityPub, so you can reply to threads without having to register an account! (We'll open source the forum shortly after)

I've revised my plans for the Pixelfed mobile apps in light of what Google Play did to Element*.

Will be adding some last minute changes before we publish the beta release.


From 14 seconds to less than 1s, the Discover page now loads much faster!

You might notice Pixelfed now displays labels on posts related to COVID-19.

We're doing this to combat misinformation by providing a warning label and link to a reputable health organization.

Text only posts federate, just a few things to finish before they are ready!

Avatars from remote instances now fetched and stored on S3!

This was one of the last things to do before releasing v0.10.10.

Added Polls support, they will federate and are similar to Mastodon polls with the exception of notifications when the poll closes.

Groups (aka Circles) is the next major feature in development.

It's been on our roadmap for awhile, and will be released in v0.11

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