When an admin deletes a post, applies a Content Warning or unlists from timelines, users will be notified the next time they use Pixelfed.

Will be shipping this soon.

It's been a productive week, I shipped Direct Messages, Dark Mode 2.0 and Shared Inbox support in Pixelfed!

Pixelfed DMs are a bit different.

You will only receive direct messages and notifications from users you follow unless you opt-in to public direct messages.

The filtered tab will show messages from users that are muted or that you don't follow.

You can mute DM notifications.

You can customize UI/UX settings.

Almost ready to ship Direct!

Just need to finish the Help Center documentation.

The iOS app will be released first. There are a few 3rd party Android apps in development so we're going to hold off on Android support.

Im only going to post about Pixelfed this week lol

Instagram has displayed "false information" warnings with fact checking for a while now.

Is this something you'd like to see on Pixelfed?


MicroUI still works 17 months after I created it.

Never felt it was polished enough to release, until now. Can't wait to release this 😁

I have been unable to reproduce the issues with Instagram Import across mysql & postgres databases.

Instance admins please send me any error logs related to this feature.

Has anyone tried IG Import yet? Feedback appreciated!

Instagram Import has been successfully tested in production!

The beta will be available within the hour on supported instances.

The 2 year anniversary of pixelfed.social and open sourcing the code is fast approaching.

My goal is to ship a new feature a day for the next week. It will be wild 😎

MicroUI will be a desktop only alternative interface for Pixelfed.

It will not support mobile apps, we may add support later.

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