Just started using Spotify, the recommendations are on point! Finding a lot of new music, it’s awesome.

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@dansup Mfers will make me implement the whole git system on posts

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Does anyone know about proposals or blog posts for moderation in the fediverse?

Jezzball is the greatest game of all time

fediverse quarantine karaoke competition when?

should I go first? 🤔

Decided to put off the road trip, lets get that Tag People feature shipped 😁

Issa BROCKHAMPTON + Frank kinda day, can’t wait to leave town

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Want to push some improvements to Stories, this is the most I’ve posted in a single day 😊

@Gargron I unpublished my larger tiers that didn't have any patrons and for the smaller tiers I set them as "General Support" since its more of a donation and is exempt from taxes from my understanding.

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