We could eliminate most fediverse spam with sms registration at the expense of early adopters who disproportionately despise it.

Do we sacrifice growth for "UX" or take advantage of established anti-spam measures?

This is the million dollar question for every project. What do you think?

I can’t prevent spam on remote instances, but I can improve Pixelfed’s automated spam detection for both small and large instances with an optional anti-spam service I’ve been working on! I look forward to sharing more details soon!
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Ideally small and large servers wouldn’t be impacted by spammers from remote instances. The onus should really be on each instance to prevent spam registration (and account deletes), that’s easier said than done. Pixelfed is the only fediverse project with an automated spam detection system, and while it prevents about 80% of spam content, it’s not perfect.
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When a spam account is deleted from a large instance like mastodon.social, they federate the account deletion to every known instance. This means your server has to check if that account exists and delete it if so. Account deletion is an expensive process but one that is required. The issue with this is how small servers are subjected to these constant activities from larger servers that are likely more able to deal with this.
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Spammers are targeting large fediverse instances with SEO spam yet it's the smaller instances that are most affected.

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Our web UI could use some love after the mobile app is released.

How can we improve the webUI? What would you like to see or not see? Feedback appreciated!

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@abbienormal Sorry to hear that! I'm working on the ability to add/edit alt text on your existing posts

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Composing a new #pixelfed post on our app is a breeze!

I'll be sharing more screenshots this week along with a rough ETA for the mobile app beta, so make sure you follow this account! #pixelfedApp
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Made plans to party with friends on Friday, I can't wait!

Will be a well deserved break from Pixelfed, can't remember the last Friday I took off 😅

Being able to boost a pixelfed.social post from @pixelfed (with 19k+ followers) without causing downtime or overloading the single vps it's hosted on is amazing!

Look forward to further improving scalability and performance once the app beta is out, we're going to need it 😎

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As it's "Book Lovers Day", you might want to check out some book-related server types on the Fediverse:

@inventaire is a book cataloguing platform which lets people and organisations keep track of their own collection or run a private lending library. You can follow many different parts of Inventaire from Mastodon etc, including users, authors, series, publishers and more. The official site is at inventaire.io

@bookwyrm is a federated open alternative to Amazon's GoodReads, and you can import your GoodReads data into BookWyrm. It's part of the Fediverse and you can follow BookWyrm users from Mastodon etc. You can find out more including servers to sign up on at joinbookwyrm.com

#BookLoversDay #Books #Book #Fediverse #BookWyrm #Inventaire #ActivityPub #GoodReads #Alternatives

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@liaizon @atomicpoet

Right now Federation with @pixelfed seems to work.

But Federation with @Mastodon is still a work-in-progress.

Surprisingly, Federation with @pixelfed & @Mastodon works a bit differently — and different enough that each had to be addressed separately.

(Federation with @pixelfed felt more straightforward.)

@ansuz It says "Nixon" which is the brand that makes that hat!

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Who's ready for the ?

If you want early access to the private beta, stay tuned! We'll share more details in the coming days ✨

fresh to death like he was born in a coffin, my dawg help keeps Pixelfed cool

like he really cooler than you and me, you should see him at parties

anyways, he wants me to post more of his selfies until the app is ready and he can do it himself 😅

@hacknorris @codeberg I think your sarcastic comment went over their head, or maybe that's why you're focused on art/gaming now?

Either way, I doubt anyone uses web IDEs as their primary editor

@atomicpoet Oh man, this brings me back! We used to party to this back in high school along with April Wine, Cream and the like.

When Don’t step on the grass played you knew you were at the right party 👌

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