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Restricted Mode is a new safety feature that will be rolling out soon.

- Limit access to logged in users for every endpoint and page

- Limit federation to approved instances

- Compatible with mobile apps

- Bulk import approved instances

- Invite based registrations

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Received this wonderful multifunctional coffee mug for Christmas!

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Our safety and moderation tools like disabled comments, spam detection and violation warnings are unique in the fediverse.

We have been working on a new generation of safety and moderation tools that will be rolling out soon!

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So it seems like is gone, it was one of the larger :pixelfed: instances.

Will be keeping registrations open and working on easier installation + better documentation and account migration like Mastodon has.

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Basic poll rendering done, just need to add a way for the user to pick an option and vote.

I feel like maybe I need to capture the state of whether the user voted on the poll already or not?

And maybe track whether the poll is expired? πŸ˜›

Every morning I check the Discover section and am blown away by how talented people are.

Seeing photos from around the world is also pretty neat!

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With the help of @pixelfed dev, we implemented last missing endpoints for #Fedilab. Thank you @dansup

The beta release should be released in production very soon.

If you use 2FA with #Pixelfed, don't hesitate to give it a try and share your feedback.

If you are a #Fdroid user, you can add our custom repository:

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