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Hello Creative Commons!

You can now add a CC license to your posts.

We are working on federation support and the ability to change licenses on older posts.

Got a m1 macbook air a few weeks ago, my 2015 mbp was really starting to show its age.

This is much faster 😁

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Pour fêter l'achat de Unsplash par Getty Images, j'ai ouvert les inscriptions sur l'instance :pixelfed:

Je referme dans 24h.

#unsplash #pixelfed

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New patron-only post, a first look at the onboarding flow in the official Mastodon iOS app

🎵 "I’m going nowhere…if you’ve got the time" 🎶

I could listen to this song on repeat all day ❤️

The spam detection system works great, over 1600 posts have been caught and prevented from appearing on timelines (on!

Sometimes the spammer will appeal, which means they are adapting to our new measures 😄

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So... Thunderbird would like to support Activity Pub.

Anyone in the Fediverse wanna work on that?

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We have been warned that a free version of #Fedilab has been published on GPlay.

We don't own it and we didn't build that version. If you want to use the app for free, you should only download it from #Fdroid which builds apps from sources.

This is the cofounder of FediDB, his name is Tuk and he is working on finding the email bug.

I feel bad that I wasn't able to launch with more projects on FediDB.

Kind of tedious to locate all the metadata we use, maybe I should crowdsource this data to make it easier to add new projects to the section 🤔

I'll be migrating to a larger server tonight after work.

Thanks for being patient, hope to send out another wave of confirmation emails tonight!

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FediDB - Developer Tools for ActivityPub

Oh this looks fancy. Congrats @dansup, very nice work!

And spelled Socialhome correctly, which is rare to see! 💚

#activitypub #fediverse

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If you have a github account and you're interested in #foss, #activitypub, and #federation, could you be a dear and go star/fave my fediverse server project, #gotosocial? The link is here:

Normally I don't give a shit about faves and boosts and all that crap, but this project is important to me and I'm looking to set up some kind of Github sponsor thing for it, so stars on the project would be really really appreciated and help visibility!

Boosts welcome. Thank you! ❤️

The cat likes our new place, we’ll be spending our first night here 😁

We moved into our new place today!

Our cat hid in a kitchen cupboard for most of the day, won't take him long to get used to the new place

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