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Went out for supper last night, first time since the covid restrictions ended.

It was amazing! Feels weird you can see peoples faces and smiles.

Ordered a kayak! We're going to float down the river this weekend, will take some pics 😎

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Since Instagram announced it’s moving away from photo sharing, now is a good time to bump my post about its many alternatives, including Flickr, #PixelFed, VSCO, Tumblr, and others.

That’s my city in the top left the other day, it cooled down to 26c today 😅

US judge rules Facebooks acquisition of Instagram did not violate anti-trust rules, Judge James E. Boasberg wrote that the FTC offered insufficient evidence for its central claim — that Facebook wields monopoly power.


Another all nighter, too hot to sleep 🥵

If there was a standard way to list capabilities across fediverse software, you could also transform objects to ensure compatibility and limit delivery to compatible instances.

The thing is nice, but its not machine-readable. If we solved this, we could make the fediverse much more efficient!

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I would think the modular UI components would be most challenging, as you'd have to make them interoperable with each other.

Could abstract the complexity of mapping ActivityStreams verbs + compatibility to UI components and side effects with a visual drag-n-drop tool.

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If I were to build a new project today, it would be generic.

Giving instance admins the ability to pick and choose what activities to support in a modular way would be awesome.

The network timeline has been improved, it now loads faster than home + public timelines.

Working on reducing load times from other timelines next!

Added a "Mark as Spammer" moderation tool to .

One click to remove spam and prevent it from appearing on public timelines!

Air conditioners are now sold out everywhere near me, this is a historic heat wave for us. I have a few on order, hopefully they show up soon (I have one already)


Hello new followers!

The names Dan and thinking different is the plan.

"Because the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do"

I don't want to be mean, but Tusker for iOS by @shadowfacts is my favourite Mastodon app.

It's like Tusky but for iOS and doesn't annoy me.

The official mastodon app has a few things that annoy me like:

- Muting audio (don't pause my music when nothing is playing)
- Full width status text, it shouldn't be under the avatar to match web ui
- Scroll up to refresh doesn't load newest statuses, it paginates (which is annoying if you have hours or days of unread statuses)
- Doesn't support chrome

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Yesterday F-Droid :fdroid: published our 1.0beta2 release 🎈

Crash fixes, #⃣ hashtag support, ⬆️ click tab to scroll to top, translation updates

#pixeldroid (Client for #pixelfed, the federated image sharing platform) -

According to, there are 19418 fediverse instances using one of the 65 available ActivityPub projects.

The average instance has 395 users and 67k statuses, and 153 new instances have been observed in the past 2 weeks.

Mastodon for iOS is cool, building a mobile app isn’t easy and I applaud @Gargron for taking this initiative.

He has embraced 3rd party app developers from the beginning and it should not be forgotten!

Listening to a new tyler the creator album while refactoring the :pixelfed: frontend.

Real 2019 vibes.

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Thanks to the generous donors, our campaign raised $2,527 for our OpenCollective! 🎉

Going to be hot next week! Thank god for air conditioning 😅

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