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Now I'm back on groups, I find the challenge is going to be discovery.

Using member count for suggestions probably isn't the ideal way to rank them. There is a section below the fold for groups your mutuals are in.

Any suggestions?

I wish there was a way to opt-out of GitHub's new high contrast light theme.

Pixelfed Stories are federated using a custom activity type, bearcaps and only delivered to other :pixelfed: instances (for now). The bearcap object can only be fetched for 20 minutes, after that we rotate story media urls.

It works great, and to think we went from not-federating for so long to being the first AP-only project to use bearcaps!

Donda and CLB are pretty good but I think Montero might be better.

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I can't believe I finally shipped federated stories!!! So happy right now 😁

Now on to groups, live streaming and the mobile app πŸ˜…

In addition, we're using bearcaps and a limited time window for fetching the activity object. Story media urls will be rotated after the window closes.

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Just finished implementing the last bit of federation logic for stories! Will ship later today.

Stories will only be delivered to other :pixelfed: instances for now.

Really excited for the Desktop Compose UI!

Had a blast building it, I hope people find it easier to use!

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@activitypub or maybe, not sure which domain to use. Finally will get some use out of some of these domains πŸ˜…

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Think I might spin up a new pixelfed instance on to host a group or two. Registration would be closed, but that shouldn't be a problem πŸ˜‰ @activitypub

Debating wether to add "system stories" that highlight new features in :pixelfed:. They would be included in migrations, so instance admins wouldn't have to create each one. Wdyt?

Decided to distinguish remote stories using a different colour ring. Wdyt?

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