Does the Pinebook Pro have a firmware setting that will prevent the battery from charging until it reaches a specified value? It would be nice to have it charge only when it gets below a certain percentage. Could it stop charging when it hits 100% and then keep using the mains without using the battery? This would be like the battery would be out of the laptop. @PINE64

@dantiti There is no way to control the battery charging circuitry in software. The chip used for this has all its parameters set in hardware, and it automatically turns on when the DC input voltage is higher than the battery voltage (in other words -- it will turn on as soon as the battery discharges at all).

@PINE64 That's unfortunate. Thank you for the answer.

@PINE64 Can this be implemented in a future version?

@dantiti Could it technically be? Sure. But it would cost more to implement, and I'm not so sure the exact cost would be worth it for most people.

@PINE64 It would drive the cost up a bit but the benefit would be not having to buy a new battery often. It would worth it in the long run. Maybe the community would like the idea.

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