Unfortunately this will happen more an more because they want to appeal to the masses.

I have friends that won't use Signal because they "already have WhatsApp". Add missing features to that and they're gone.


Before that we had NESs and SNESs. We got them (2nd, 3rd, 4th hand. Who knows?) from markets that had from vegetables to clothes and TVs.
What was nice was that we could trade cartridges so we always played a lot of games.


This is what it was like in Romania before the internet took off. There were huge LANs in cities. There wasn't any WI-FI so we had A LOT of cables everywhere. From this ISPs were born.

To get games we had to find that one person that had a CD Writer. I had to find that one person that had a computer :) .

Then internet cafes appeared. Prices per hour where high but there where a lot of games to play. In some of them we could download games and take them home on CDs.

@PINE64 It would drive the cost up a bit but the benefit would be not having to buy a new battery often. It would worth it in the long run. Maybe the community would like the idea.

@PINE64 Can this be implemented in a future version?

@PINE64 That's unfortunate. Thank you for the answer.

Does the Pinebook Pro have a firmware setting that will prevent the battery from charging until it reaches a specified value? It would be nice to have it charge only when it gets below a certain percentage. Could it stop charging when it hits 100% and then keep using the mains without using the battery? This would be like the battery would be out of the laptop. @PINE64


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