Anyone have a shopping wish list app they really like? Trying to get away from Amazon. Needs to have Safari and Chrome support of some sort on macOS + an iOS share sheet plugin.

Specifically looking for an app with browser extensions that will grab an image and price from whatever web page, set up multiple lists, and share them with people for Christmas/birthdays/etc.

@danvpeterson I like Bring and use it across Android and various desktops. Easy to use and to share the list with others in the family. I also like that there are buttons for quick push messages to the list like "I'm going shopping!" or "List updated!"!/app

It also supports iOS but that's not my platform and I have no idea what a share sheet plugin would be so I'll leave that as an exercise 🙂

@decipherscifi hmmm, this looks more like purely a shopping/grocery list app rather than a wish list one. I want to be able to add items from various websites to a wish list for things like Christmas/birthday lists as well as just every day. It should try to auto-grab images from the URL/browser extension as well as prices. Similar to the old Amazon Universal Wishlist feature.

@danvpeterson oh, duh. totally misread the query

but hey, if you're in the market for a grocery list app ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

@decipherscifi it does look interesting for groceries, will give it a look 🙂

@danvpeterson that's a cool idea. If you find an option, I'd love to know about it too. :)

@jared in the past Amazon’s Universal Wishlist feature did all of this but they seem to no longer care about the iOS or Safari for Mac extensions at all and seem to be moving away from the ”universal” part of the name. Also just don't want Amazon tracking everything quite so much anymore.

@danvpeterson I don’t love Evernote, but it runs on everything and has a pretty good browser extension for grabbing chunks of pages.

@danvpeterson @chartier I’m not sure it’s a 100% fit, but you could copy / paste into Drafts Beta on Mac and add a tag. Might be possible to automate with Keyboard Maestro or Alfred? Probably easier to do via a shortcut on iOS though..? It has the benefit that you keep the data...

@ukhaiku @chartier that's just way too manual for me. I want something that auto-scrapes a thumbnail and price from the web page whenever possible and has nice previews and sorting. Really need a tool built for this purpose to replace Amazon wish lists.

@danvpeterson @ukhaiku Maybe Dropmark? It can do all this except clicking a link opens it in their viewer, since it’s a collaboration tool. People would have to click a “visit original” button to get out of Dropmark.

I asked support about a way to go directly to the original link, and they’re interested.

Here’s an example wishlist I’ve been tinkering with:

and my other public collections there:

@chartier @ukhaiku doesn't scrape prices or have a nice/easy way to display them in the list even if willing to do so manually.

@chartier @ukhaiku also I really want the preview to just be of the thing, not the whole web page.

@chartier is really close but it only supports specific websites. It supports a lot of sites but I like a lot of indie stuff and need a way to add absolutely anything even if I have to manually enter thumbnail, price, and link for some things.

@danvpeterson @chartier I literally wrote the manual version of this in PHP like 15 years ago. It was one of the first PHP sites I built.

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