I like to update the giant nerd shelf above my TV once in a while. Made some changes a while back but didn't post anywhere, still really happy with this arrangement.

@danvpeterson my eye is immediately drawn to the Serenity, of course.

@tewha it amuses me to have Serenity behind a bunch of Star Wars figurines 😃

@danvpeterson I found the Wonder Woman on a horse figure online. That's nice. :)

@tewha was just looking for a link. Q-fig makes some great figurines! The Superman carrying a grumpy Batman one is from them as well.

@danvpeterson That's redundant. You could have just said "carrying Batman" surely. :)

@danvpeterson The more I stare at that Wonder Woman, though, the more badass it seems. :)

@tewha was lucky enough to tour Pixar a while back and they gave me a small gift bag with him in it. He smells like cotton candy!

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