I was holding off on buying the Studio Display really hoping Apple was going to announce the rumored mini-LED display at WWDC. Now trying to decide if I give in and go for it, or continue waiting 🤔

@danvpeterson I’ve been happy with mine! but I also upgraded from a 22” UltraFine 😅 So anything would’ve been an upgrade haha

@ashfurrow I’m currently using an LG Ultrafine 5K, so size and resolution would be the same. I’m guessing the studio display would be a minor upgrade in picture quality, but a major upgrade in hardware design and hopefully reliability as well. The LG constantly disconnects while my MBP is asleep and I have to do the unplug/plug dance multiple times to get it to reconnect.

@danvpeterson a high price to pay for a marginal upgrade, but might be worth it 😬😬😬 I did really miss having an Apple-quality display 🤩

@ashfurrow yeah, that’s why I’ve been holding off so far. But damn does that unreliable connection annoy the shit out of me multiple times a day trying to change my mind.

@danvpeterson it seems that the plan A was to announce at WWDC alongside the new Mac Pro, but due to supply chain problems, its release was postponed to 5 months or who knows when.

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