We got a pretty nicely featured screenshot during the Apple announcement today! Always a huge honor to see something I designed on a big stage like that ❤️😀

@JPEG oh interesting, your screenshot feature unblurs the cover photo. Here is what it actually looks like. Cover photos are pretty much pointless if only shown blurred like this. Would be nice to redesign this page so it shows the unblurred cover photo differently and the profile text below maybe?

@JPEG would also love to see unreadable profiles like this fixed. I see this a lot.

Got my pup some “doggles” for when he goes on the motorcycle with me. I can now try letting him stick his head out of the dog carrier while still protecting his eyes. He tolerates them remarkably well.

Really great app for using the iOS share sheet to post links, photos, or whatever now works with Mastodon! Highly recommended. itunes.apple.com/us/app/linky-

Finally took the time to set up a space to hang my riding gear! I am overly proud of myself for such a small job. Should try to paint them the wall color at some point. 🏍😀🎉 mastodon.social/media/lLV5vSJW mastodon.social/media/vCL0KhbJ

@pcperini the blurring of profile photos makes me a bit sad. People put photos there to be seen, blurring them out seems like a bad idea. It also currently leads to really unreadable contrast for text on light photos.

Realized my collection was missing any DC representation and needed to fix that immediately. These Q Fig sets are beautiful! mastodon.social/media/_xgdRYqy

Today was my pup, Woodrow’s, 9th birthday! To celebrate he got a spoonful of peanut butter all to himself and here is a portion of him eating it for your amusement.

New setup for the left side of my geek shelf in order to troll my guests. Probably no one will even notice.

Loving these dragon stamps from USPS. Can't see it well in the photos but they have a nice metallic ink for one of the oranges that's a great touch.

Thank you @neven for showing them off last week! I immediately went and ordered a four pack. mastodon.social/media/dWxALSbj

Anyone know why the iOS beta Feedback app would only show me iOS 9 and 10 as options for giving feedback? mastodon.social/media/dwmHDjhk

Picked up some awesome art, pins, and a hand painted figurine at Wizard World Comic Con recently and just got the 3 prints here mounted in my kitchen. Always such great stuff by indie artists at cons, I highly recommend it!

3 abstract prints on wood by etsy.com/shop/j2artist

Figurine by instagram.com/stevenoaksart

Most pins weren’t bought from the original artists but the 10th Doctor’s hand and Luke’s cup pins were by etsy.com/shop/fandomflairpins

Metroid print by instagram.com/rubyart1

Picked up this adorable little dragon sculpture at a renaissance faire recently. He makes me happy every time I see him.

@Gargron delete and redraft seems to have left me with double posts? And I seem unable to delete either of them. mastodon.social/media/ujLcM1tV

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