Feeling sad after getting this in the mail a few days ago. It was a reward for one of my donations to her campaign and I still find it incredibly disheartening that we were presented with someone so damned intelligent, sincere, qualified, and with so many well thought out plans ... and we still ended up where we are.

Discovered this in Sketch inside a symbol in the built in Apple iOS UI kit. Notice there is a text, symbol, and shape layer grouped together (not a folder) and that group itself has it’s own fill color (and can even have a border). No current way to create this that I know of.

One trick to make your MacBook Pro feel a bit more modern is the Displaperture app. It can set a custom rounded corner for your display. Really hoping it keeps working for a long time to come since they’ve marked it as retired.


So very blessed to have these two in my life (and our other pupper Buddy, not pictured)

Not quite how a dog crate is supposed to be used but he is so loving basking in the sunlight. ❤️🐶

Going to see Hamilton again!!! So excited, I was really hoping to get another chance before it leaves Chicago.

Just got this beautiful, limited edition pin set from the wonderful Wylie Beckert’s Patreon. Love these so much, thank you Wylie!


Ordered something from Soylent and instead of my order, I received an incredibly heavy, beat up package with two 30lb dumbbells?! I’d think it was a scam but pretty sure these dumbbells cost more than the Soylent. 3 days later and no reply from their customer support :/

Some really nice personal hotspot updates in iOS 13. Don’t think I’ll ever be buying a cellular iPad in the future if relying on my iPhone’s hotspot for it works as nicely as it sounds here.

Went out for the first real motorcycle ride of the season on Sunday and we decided to check out the Bahá'í House of Worship just north of the city. Such a beautiful building with truly gorgeous stonework and some of the most well kept gardens and grounds I've seen. Definitely worth the short trip and made even more enjoyable by it being the first time I got to ride with my girlfriend on her bike 😊🏍

I like to update the giant nerd shelf above my TV once in a while. Made some changes a while back but didn't post anywhere, still really happy with this arrangement.

We got a pretty nicely featured screenshot during the Apple announcement today! Always a huge honor to see something I designed on a big stage like that ❤️😀

@JPEG oh interesting, your screenshot feature unblurs the cover photo. Here is what it actually looks like. Cover photos are pretty much pointless if only shown blurred like this. Would be nice to redesign this page so it shows the unblurred cover photo differently and the profile text below maybe?

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@JPEG would also love to see unreadable profiles like this fixed. I see this a lot.

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