How can you be expected to go back to work when this happens during your lunch break?!

Really LG? This is ridiculous and does not actually improve people’s security. Unless you had a data leak and aren’t sharing?

Such a great tip from Austin Mann’s iPhone 13 camera review. No one wants to be interrupted while taking a photo.

Got the latest sketchbook and some awesome new pins from one of my favorite artists Kickstarters. Just beautiful 😍 -

Home from our second doses of Moderna and Hande and I have started our two week countdown to maxxination! Even got a new pin to celebrate 💉💉🎉 ❤️

Struggling today. This little guy went in for his first dose of radiation for a tumor on his brain stem. We will be taking him in every day, M-F, for the next four weeks. So thankful for all the time he has given me and hoping to give him as much more time as we can …

This one small thing has made me prefer NYT results map over everyone else. Such a simple thing that brings so much clarity to states they have not called yet. Really wish others would adopt this.

Vedder, our newest rescue is the sweetest little goofball. He’s a special needs pupper that came from a hoarding situation and is extremely frightened of people and loud noises. Makes my heart smile to see him warming up to us and showing more of his incredibly silly personality.

Decided to upgrade from my Series 4 and I gotta say I am really loving the texture on this Braided Loop. Hoping it’s comfortable.

Feeling sad after getting this in the mail a few days ago. It was a reward for one of my donations to her campaign and I still find it incredibly disheartening that we were presented with someone so damned intelligent, sincere, qualified, and with so many well thought out plans ... and we still ended up where we are.

Discovered this in Sketch inside a symbol in the built in Apple iOS UI kit. Notice there is a text, symbol, and shape layer grouped together (not a folder) and that group itself has it’s own fill color (and can even have a border). No current way to create this that I know of.

One trick to make your MacBook Pro feel a bit more modern is the Displaperture app. It can set a custom rounded corner for your display. Really hoping it keeps working for a long time to come since they’ve marked it as retired.

So very blessed to have these two in my life (and our other pupper Buddy, not pictured)

Not quite how a dog crate is supposed to be used but he is so loving basking in the sunlight. ❤️🐶

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