@chartier I love it. Makes the app so much more usable at night.

@jean He is a handsome and perpetually grumpy looking pupper! He and his owner (my girlfriend) are finishing moving in this weekend ❤️

Not quite how a dog crate is supposed to be used but he is so loving basking in the sunlight. ❤️🐶

@Gargron yes please! This would make me so happy to have all of my Mastodon apps plus the website syncing my last timeline location.

Going to see Hamilton again!!! So excited, I was really hoping to get another chance before it leaves Chicago.

@chartier I could’ve sworn Gruber wrote something about this. It seems like there were some legit reasons (and of course really bad ones) but I can’t remember now and couldn’t find it searching.

@chartier it is so wonderful! We’ve talked before about how my anxiety amps up when I have to call companies on the phone, I do wish everyone would support this. I’m iOS 13 it’s even supposed to suggest Business Chat if you try to manually dial a business that supports Chat.

Is the grid view completely gone from Amazon? Can’t seem to find any way to view search results in a grid anymore rather than a list and it’s making finding something new so much more difficult.

Do I know any Chicago area designers looking for a new gig? There’s a really great company looking for a product designer right now. I know a few folks there and it always sounds like a supportive and caring environment on top of doing good work.


Just got this beautiful, limited edition pin set from the wonderful Wylie Beckert’s Patreon. Love these so much, thank you Wylie!


@Gargron does Mastodon have an API for remembering where a user leaves off/last read state in their timeline? Would be super useful for switching between the website and different apps. Right now I end up restricting all of my Mastodon use to a single app because otherwise I have to scroll forever to figure out where I left off.

Sadly just realized the Apple Card is useless to me until it can export to other finance apps. Many of my Apple purchases are business related so can’t use it for that without exporting for records. And can’t integrate with other personal cards for personal budgeting either 😞

It seems like since installing the iOS 13 beta on my phone, my watch’s battery life has gone to crap. Anyone else?

Can’t seem to get NFC triggered Shortcuts to work on iOS 13. Anyone I know on the beta and tried this? It seems to scan the tag fine when setting it up but then does nothing when I tap it later.

@chartier got me crying all over again. I’m missing that pup so much already ❤️

@JPEG Just tried to do some more testing and apparently it is with full screen images, not multiple images. Notice at the end of this video clip I shrunk down the image and then it swipes away fine.

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