Roe v Wade abortion commentary and cursing 

Fuck. We knew it was coming but it is so damned infuriating and depressing nonetheless to see the court throw out Roe v. Wade and eliminate the right to bodily autonomy and privacy for the majority of this country. Going to keep fighting with donations to organizations that are helping people get the care that they need. Here’s a recent one that a friend shared with me:

We don't lean on color ever being the only defining factor in anything to imply intent or differences, but it's still a helpful tool along with others. So I'm looking at how to adjust our system to accommodate system accents while still keeping those purposeful differences.

May be something I try to write up an article around myself as I go along.

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Anyone have any experience, or read any articles around best practices with integrating OS accent colors into a design system for customizability? I'm looking at how it affects other colors in your system, adjusting color contrast, matching hues, etc.

Some examples of this: an OS red accent clashing with the red you use for destructive actions. Or another OS accent color making elements you have colored a certain way stand out for a purpose, no longer stand out.

How can you be expected to go back to work when this happens during your lunch break?!

@noleli @chartier not sure I fully understand but I guess I don’t need to. Sucks if this is possible, the back button should always mean “go back to the last page/view I was on in this tab”. I guess I understand why it was added most likely, for single-page web apps where you would indeed have multiple views shown in what is technically a single page, a user wouldn’t expect back to completely take them out of the app. But sucks that it’s being abused in this way.

@chartier wait really? That’s horrible. Do you have an example site or a way to reproduce? Not understanding how this is possible as websites should have no control over what a back button does since that is browser controlled.

@ashfurrow yeah, that’s why I’ve been holding off so far. But damn does that unreliable connection annoy the shit out of me multiple times a day trying to change my mind.

@ashfurrow I’m currently using an LG Ultrafine 5K, so size and resolution would be the same. I’m guessing the studio display would be a minor upgrade in picture quality, but a major upgrade in hardware design and hopefully reliability as well. The LG constantly disconnects while my MBP is asleep and I have to do the unplug/plug dance multiple times to get it to reconnect.

I was holding off on buying the Studio Display really hoping Apple was going to announce the rumored mini-LED display at WWDC. Now trying to decide if I give in and go for it, or continue waiting 🤔

@chartier we’re in the process of getting Hande a bike right now! Excited to start trying to get her and I out to the lakefront more often. And finally trying out the Peak mounting system :)

@chartier @Dusky agreed. The Peak Everyday bags are really great. The side access and easy swing around for quickly getting in for something are so damned handy, and well thought out organization systems. My only complaint is if putting both a laptop and a tablet in the compartment for those, it can be a bit tight to get the tablet in and out without moving the laptop.

@bigzaphod and on top of that I work for a company based in Toronto that sometimes ships me things from there (I’m in Chicago) 🤦‍♂️

@bigzaphod this one gets me all the time, made even worse by it showing as “Ontario, CA”

@chartier I use Choosy for this because it allows you to have different behaviors based on what browsers you have open. If only one is open, it opens links without rules in that browser. If you have multiple open, it asks. So far I’ve tried out a few, including Bumpr, but keep coming back to Choosy because of that. Has all the other features too.

It's time to make your brain 🤯

Stare at the green dot in the center and one or more of the yellow outer dots will disappear. Except the yellow dots didn't go away. It's your 🧠 playing tricks on you.

More details here:

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