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So infuriating seeing the “your browser doesn’t support full screen” on embedded YouTube videos on iOS these days. Such a bullshit line from Google, it has nothing to do with my browser, it’s because you want to force people to use your shitty app and then charge people for the built in OS feature of picture in picture. Really wish more folks would stop using YouTube as the default video platform.

@JPEG would love to see timeline position synced between devices. I know you’re still working through some bugs with remembering timeline position so thought I’d throw this in there to make it even more complex for ya ;)

@JPEG heh, enjoyed the joke and thank you for real release notes. And for the new video viewer!

New iPad Pro is indeed gorgeous. Had intended to wait until next month to pick one up but all the talk made me impatient. First thing I found surprising is that the raise to wake feature from the recent iPhone’s is missing, seems like an obvious thing that is subtle but surprisingly annoying to not have.

@Gargron what do you think are the chances of the feature to move your followers with you to a new server (issue # 177) of happening within the next 6-12 months? I saw you changed a bunch of labels recently, just wondering if you have any new thoughts on that.

I don't watch cable news often and am curious what you folks that do, think is the best (most factual, does the best research, has the best analysis, intelligent anchors, etc.). Really not looking for flamewars and am doing my own research as well but would value the opinions of folks I respect on here.

@JPEG just throwing out another request to get rid of or disable the floating thumbnail video feature. Gets me every single time, I swipe to dismiss a video and instead it goes to that floating view I don't want, I then try to tap that little X button and miss so it goes back to full screen and I have to reach way up to the X on the top left of the screen. So frustrating and it literally happens every single time I watch a video.

Just played my first night of Diablo ever, definitely my kind of game! Really glad they brought it to the Switch.

@JPEG when in the activity view it’s weird to me to have both the Mentions column and Activity column since Activity has mentions in it already. I’d much rather just have Activity and close the Mentions column.

@JPEG just started using the iPad app and would really love some control over the columns. I never read the local or Federated timelines and would much rather have two columns (personal timeline and activity) in landscape and only a single column (personal timeline) when in portrait.

If anyone can actually place all of these I would be impressed.

We got a pretty nicely featured screenshot during the Apple announcement today! Always a huge honor to see something I designed on a big stage like that ❤️😀

@JPEG any thoughts on auto switching themes based on backlight or time of day? Would love to have the midnight theme at night or when I'm in a dark room and the day theme when in a bright environment for better readability. I wish I could just hide the other two as I never use them and it's a bit annoying to have to switch through them when using the tap and hold shortcut.

Just a reminder to my followers using Mast: If you're not getting push notifications - head over to the app's settings section and toggle the Notifications switch off and back on.

@JPEG oh interesting, your screenshot feature unblurs the cover photo. Here is what it actually looks like. Cover photos are pretty much pointless if only shown blurred like this. Would be nice to redesign this page so it shows the unblurred cover photo differently and the profile text below maybe?

@JPEG would also love to see unreadable profiles like this fixed. I see this a lot.

Anyone know of a good iOS emoji keyboard that lets you search emoji? Something like how Gboard does it but with emoji search as the default view.

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