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🚨 Looking for contract or p/t work 📝

If anyone could use remote contract or p/t help with content strategy, copywriting, a company blog, social media, or documentation, please hit me up. I specialize in tech and distilling complex stuff for regular folks, and I have experience writing for myriad voices and audiences.

AeroMexico, the country's largest airline, is trolling racist Americans with its latest commercial and IT IS HILARIOUS.

Trust me. I mean, you probably don't know me from any sufficiently self-aware AI, but... just try to get through it to the payoff.

That's over about 8 years time since the first project I backed fwiw.

Wowza, just backed my 100th Kickstarter project. Six failed to deliver but were relatively inexpensive. I'm also waiting on a couple that are now about a year late but still show progress. I think that's a pretty good track record and I really enjoy seeing behind the scenes on this stuff.

You very much have to go into it with certain expectations. Always research and get a feel for the creators, add ~2x the time for delivery estimates, and remember you're backing an idea, not buying a product.

Has anyone seen a good review/comparison of 3.5mm to 3.5mm headphone cables with inline mics and controls? Would love to find one with a high quality mic.

@pragmaticcode would love to see Linky for Mac! Would make a really nice menu bar app as well as in the OS share menu.

Specifically looking for an app with browser extensions that will grab an image and price from whatever web page, set up multiple lists, and share them with people for Christmas/birthdays/etc.

Anyone have a shopping wish list app they really like? Trying to get away from Amazon. Needs to have Safari and Chrome support of some sort on macOS + an iOS share sheet plugin.

Really bummed that Apple's own Trailers app still hasn't been updated for the new iPad Pro screen sizes.

Spider-verse was sooooo good! Such a beautiful style of animation and a great story. Truly felt like a comic book in motion in the best way possible.

I tested all the major iOS apps for Mastodon and compared their accessibility support. You might find this useful if you're looking for an app that will help you be a good citizen on the Fediverse: #iOS #Accessibility #A11y #MastodonApps

@JPEG am using another app in the meantime as timeline position is a necessary feature for me but keep opening Mast on occasion to test as other than this issue it’s by far my favorite. Would also love to see syncing of the timeline position via iCloud so I could easily use Mast on multiple devices.

@JPEG just a quick FYI that sadly the latest update still didn’t fix my timeline position loading issues. It seems to work on occasion now but very unpredictable and unreliable.

So sick of the user hostile practice of forcing people to call or chat with someone to cancel an account. If you can sign up online, you must be able to cancel online without a chat or call required.

I was cancelling a couple accounts for temporary budget reasons, and probably would have re-opened them in a couple months or so but I refuse to continue doing business with companies that have practices like this. This time it was NY Times and Scout Alarm.

Is there a way to tell HomePod to add another speaker during playback? Tried "add _speaker name_" and "play in _room name_". Works when telling it to play something new but can't seem to change speakers while playing.

@JPEG last few updates haven't fixed the scrolling behavior in Mast. Every time I launch the app it takes me to the newest post instead of where I left off. Something you're still working on? Used to work pretty flawlessly.

Best Buy’s got $100 off on the HomePod right now for Black Friday. I’ve been wanting to get one for a while but couldn’t justify the $350 for my use cases, at $250 I caved.

Picked up a HomePod during the limited $100 off sale that B&H had the other day. Very curious to see how I like it in practice with the Siri limitations it has. Wasn’t worth it to me at $350 but $250 feels just right I think.

You know how Dorian Gray safeguards his painting?

You know how Scrooge McDuck protects his number one dime?

You know how Sméagol cherishes the One Ring?

Thats how I want app developers to feel about my scroll position in Mastodon apps.

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