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One trick to make your MacBook Pro feel a bit more modern is the Displaperture app. It can set a custom rounded corner for your display. Really hoping it keeps working for a long time to come since they’ve marked it as retired.

Sad that one of the first things I noticed on the new 16” MBP is much more light leaking out of the key edges when viewed from a low angle compared to my 2016 model. Hard to capture in photos but very noticeable in person and something I loved about the butterfly keyboard.

@jpeg it would also be nice to have long-press on the timeline and DM tabs to open the Toot composer. Maybe do something special in the DM composer to first show all of the people you follow along with a search field.

@jpeg just discovered the long press functionality on the search tab in Mast 2, very nice! Would be interesting to see the search bar stay attached to the keyboard with the results above. That’s an idea I’ve been thinking about to keep the input field close to the keyboard so you can actually see what you’re typing and the keyboard at the same time.

@JPEG do you know if you’ll be bringing the new cross-platform timeline syncing feature to Mast 2 yet? That is the killer feature for me that I’m really hoping to see from some devs soon.

@tapi hrmmm, I'm not sure I understand how to use this. At least when I type that into Wolfram Alpha it just gives me this:×+sin%28.22+×+x%29 which doesn't seem to give me a result as any sort of set of numbers from 0 to 180?

Math question … if I want to get from 0 to 180 in 30 steps with a nice ease at the start and end, is there some kind of formula or tool I could use to figure it out? Trying to create a frame-by-frame animation of a rotation from 0 to 180º with an ease both in an out.

So very blessed to have these two in my life (and our other pupper Buddy, not pictured)

Getting some Plume SuperPods tomorrow to try out to potentially replace my Eero WiFi system. Looking forward to trying them out, seems like a super interesting system.

Is there really no way to simulate a 4” device in Apple’s simulator anymore? Seems important to be able to test UI at the smallest screen size 😕

@JPEG super excited that apparently there is now an API for “last read toot” markers to keep timeline position synced between apps. Part of the recent Mastodon 3.0 release. Hoping this will be added to Mast!

And by “video editor” I mean a video editing app, not a person. Just looking to try a Hyperlapse style effect on some vacation videos.

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Looking for a good video editor to edit already taken videos into something Hyperlapse style. Any recommendations?

In early iOS 13 betas the new share sheet showed recent email contacts, including my own since I email myself stuff a lot as reminders. This seems to have gone away for me in later betas and the final release. I really miss it.

Anyone know how to search for a location in the middle of an iOS Shortcut? I want the shortcut to trigger a prompt to search for locations, then run the rest of the shortcut using the address from whatever location I picked from the search.

I completely forgot that switching lenses doesn’t work while recording in 4K at 60fps.

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On the 13.1 beta with the 11 Pro I don’t seem to be able to zoom between all three lenses while taking video. Once I’ve started recording with 1x it lets me zoom to 2x but not 0.5x. If I start with 0.5x it lets me zoom to 1.5x but not 2x. Is this a beta issue?

Rebooted and was able to get past the activation screen thankfully!

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