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They say without treatment we would only have 2-3 months. With this type of radiation it may be able to give us another year or two together with a good quality of life for him. He has made the last ten years of my life so much better, hoping we get these couple more 😞❤️

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Struggling today. This little guy went in for his first dose of radiation for a tumor on his brain stem. We will be taking him in every day, M-F, for the next four weeks. So thankful for all the time he has given me and hoping to give him as much more time as we can …

TIL that you can long press on the top or bottom of the Apple Watch screen while in an app to trigger Notification Center or Control Center! I’ve been going back to the watch face and swiping up/down there like an animal for years! How long has this been a thing?

This one small thing has made me prefer NYT results map over everyone else. Such a simple thing that brings so much clarity to states they have not called yet. Really wish others would adopt this.

Vedder, our newest rescue is the sweetest little goofball. He’s a special needs pupper that came from a hoarding situation and is extremely frightened of people and loud noises. Makes my heart smile to see him warming up to us and showing more of his incredibly silly personality.

Hoping to find someone keeping an updated list of third party MagSafe accessory announcements with release date info. I feel like this is going to blow up and I’m super excited for it. I particularly want a MagSafe car mount with Qi charging (which Belkin’s does not have).

Decided to upgrade from my Series 4 and I gotta say I am really loving the texture on this Braided Loop. Hoping it’s comfortable.

Anyone know of an easy way to show or sync an iCloud calendars events onto a Google calendar in order to make sure those times are marked as “Busy” when someone tries to set up a meeting in the Google calendar?

Hey everyone! I've recently lost my job and fallen on some relatively tough times and in need of some cash, so I'm considering selling my Mastodon client 'Mast' (

If you or anyone you know is interested, please let me know!

For awareness, this is a universal iOS and macOS client for the Mastodon social network, has great reviews on the App Store, and a proven track record.

I‘ve been heartbroken today reading about Minnesota. I’m glad one officer has *finally* been arrested but it’s not enough. There were multiple involved and there are so many other killings and so much racism across the US involving police and across our society.

Please folks, do what you can. Call it out when you see it. Make sure people know where you stand. Donate to causes if you’re able. Call your representatives.

Feeling sad after getting this in the mail a few days ago. It was a reward for one of my donations to her campaign and I still find it incredibly disheartening that we were presented with someone so damned intelligent, sincere, qualified, and with so many well thought out plans ... and we still ended up where we are.

Pretty sad that Apple’s own Trailers app still hasn’t been updated for the iPad Pro after more than a year.

One of the best articles I’ve found regarding the Coronavirus. Incredibly comprehensive, updated daily, and has a table of contents to find exactly the info you are looking for.

Discovered this in Sketch inside a symbol in the built in Apple iOS UI kit. Notice there is a text, symbol, and shape layer grouped together (not a folder) and that group itself has it’s own fill color (and can even have a border). No current way to create this that I know of.

Chicago’s local Comic-Con, C2E2, is in late February this year (run by the NY Comic-Con folks).

It’s a great con, good CoC, lots of indie artists, cool venue. I go just about every year for at least a day or two with @danvpeterson. You should come!

Thanks to @marinaepelman I see it’s been moved to the “Clocks” settings. Super hard to find.

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Is choosing data sources no longer possible for the Siri watch face on watchOS? That section is missing for me in the Watch app.

Best answer I’ve found is that there is a Trakt VIP feature that can handle this using their website.

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