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Going to see Hamilton again!!! So excited, I was really hoping to get another chance before it leaves Chicago.

Is the grid view completely gone from Amazon? Can’t seem to find any way to view search results in a grid anymore rather than a list and it’s making finding something new so much more difficult.

Do I know any Chicago area designers looking for a new gig? There’s a really great company looking for a product designer right now. I know a few folks there and it always sounds like a supportive and caring environment on top of doing good work.

Just got this beautiful, limited edition pin set from the wonderful Wylie Beckert’s Patreon. Love these so much, thank you Wylie!

@Gargron does Mastodon have an API for remembering where a user leaves off/last read state in their timeline? Would be super useful for switching between the website and different apps. Right now I end up restricting all of my Mastodon use to a single app because otherwise I have to scroll forever to figure out where I left off.

Sadly just realized the Apple Card is useless to me until it can export to other finance apps. Many of my Apple purchases are business related so can’t use it for that without exporting for records. And can’t integrate with other personal cards for personal budgeting either 😞

It seems like since installing the iOS 13 beta on my phone, my watch’s battery life has gone to crap. Anyone else?

Can’t seem to get NFC triggered Shortcuts to work on iOS 13. Anyone I know on the beta and tried this? It seems to scan the tag fine when setting it up but then does nothing when I tap it later.

Ordered something from Soylent and instead of my order, I received an incredibly heavy, beat up package with two 30lb dumbbells?! I’d think it was a scam but pretty sure these dumbbells cost more than the Soylent. 3 days later and no reply from their customer support :/

What is your favourite Mastodon mobile app? It will help us prioritize testing/compliance with Pixelfed.

(Tusky is not listed because we are already testing it)

Can’t remember it taking this long for the WWDC keynote to be available to rewatch in at least the last few years.

Some really nice personal hotspot updates in iOS 13. Don’t think I’ll ever be buying a cellular iPad in the future if relying on my iPhone’s hotspot for it works as nicely as it sounds here.

Went out for the first real motorcycle ride of the season on Sunday and we decided to check out the Bahá'í House of Worship just north of the city. Such a beautiful building with truly gorgeous stonework and some of the most well kept gardens and grounds I've seen. Definitely worth the short trip and made even more enjoyable by it being the first time I got to ride with my girlfriend on her bike 😊🏍

Help me, #Mastodon: I'm working with a client, the Bear notes app, on a bunch of their content. In an upcoming version they're adding autocomplete for emoji (kinda like Slack). Preview here:

Does anyone know if there is some kind of library of emoji names translated into languages other than English? We're trying to localize our emoji autocomplete feature.

#Mastodon 2.8 gets polls, new tools for managing followers, features hashtags on profiles, new frontpage design, new admin features, Keybase integration, and more.

Anyone know of a TV tracker that works for rewatching shows? I often start shows over and I want to track my rewatching progress. All apps just keep showing me the furthest point I’ve seen in their “up next” UI even when I add a new playing of an old episode.

“The problem is that with this new tool from Apple, well-meaning people with this common, but terrible idea of separate “disability-sites” now can implement it…”

Just imagine if all those #Mastodon users on had a simple way to migrate their followees, Lists, mute/block lists, *and followers* to a new instance. I wager this shutdown would be much less of a big deal, if any at all.

Cardhop for iOS was released today and it’s a great contacts app, highly recommended! Been using the beta and I really appreciate the birthday notifications as someone who is slowly but surely moving away from Facebook. It’s set to remind me a week before, so I have time to get gifts, and the day of so I don’t forget to wish them a happy day.

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